Jokes of the day.

I never thought I’d be happy to see Nancy Pelosi win an election.


Hey Democrats, Pelosi’s got your back!


Mr. Trump has started out with a bang – great selections for his team. But the poor guy is faced with undoing the travesty that was the Obama “administration.”


Progressive/Statist/Altruists are “always” right!


Too bad, Barack! Your legacy is a goner and hallelujah for America.


Roy Filly


About Roy Filly

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3 Responses to Jokes of the day.

  1. I love accurate cartoonists, whether or not they are funny.

  2. trailbee says:

    Are we now going to hear: I think that’s Obama’s fault. But, don’t worry, we’re going to shoot/fire/exile it. I sure hope not. I am so tired of playing that blame game.

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