“Big money” lost an election!

Progressive/Statist/Altruists constantly rail about “billionaires” and “Big Business” determining elections. They pray (do Democrats pray?) for the repeal of Citizens United – Citizens United was a Supreme Court decision codifying that freedon of speech prohibited the government from restricting independent political donations by a nonprofit corporation, but also extended this right to for-profit corporations, labor unions and other associations. Progressive/Statist/Altruists were OK with unions, but not the others.

You would think from their outrage that Republicans had a lock on these donations (except, of course, unions which heavily donate to Democrat causes). However. when we look at the last election… say what! The Trump campaign committee spent about $248.3 million through mid-October, compared with $556 million by Clinton’s. That equals about $811,438 spent per Trump electoral vote, versus about $2.4 million spent per Clinton electoral vote.

Here is what The Hill had to say:

Democratic donors stung by Hillary Clinton’s upset loss in the presidential race feel like they just set their money on fire. The sore feelings are a huge problem for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which is trying to rebuild its image and reinvigorate a defeated party in time for challenging midterm elections in 2018.

It’s also a worry for top liberal activists as they prepare for war with President-elect Donald Trump and a GOP Congress that is hell-bent on rolling back President Obama’s accomplishments. (One must take the word “accomplishments” with a grain of salt – make that a tablespoon of salt! -RF)

As far as “money in politics” is concerned, the Democrat Party’s consternation over Citizens United is farsical, a charade, and an absurdity (see below):


As for The Rugged Individualist, I like the idea that money alone will no longer define election results. I am not so naive as to believe it will not still be a major factor, but hopefully will no longer be the DOMINANT factor.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to “Big money” lost an election!

  1. Starchild says:

    If enough of his pledged electors vote for him on December 19, a billionaire candidate of the 2-party cartel will sit in the White House. Among the presumed president’s appointments so far are a former Goldman Sachs employee, and another billionaire. Out of the 192 people who ran for president and were either on the ballot in at least one state or were official write-in candidates who would have their votes counted, the one being called the president-elect is one of the 2 who took in by far the most corporate and special interest money. You sure big money didn’t win the election, Roy?

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