One of the first agencies that should go away.

One of the most intrusive agencies generated by the Dodd-Frank Bill (are there two politicians farther to left than Dodd and Frank?) is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Republicans have tried to reduce the scope of the bureau’s broad regulatory power since Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Oops. I found one that is farther to the left than Dodd or Frank!) oversaw its creation.

Not only is this agency patently espousing left-wing oversight of consumers, but they don’t care that everyone knows it.

[Source: 100 percent of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s donations went to Democrats, Washington Free Beacon]

One hundred percent of CFPB’s political donations went to Democrats. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the most partisan agency in the federal government in terms of donations to candidates, according to campaign finance data. Employees at the CFPB contributed nearly $50,000 during the 2016 campaign with all of that money going to aid Hillary Clinton or her rival, the insurgent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. Agency employees made more than 300 donations during the campaign. Not one went to a Republican candidate. 

Why would this agency be unanimous in its desire for Hillary to become president? Because “Hillary supported CFPB’s desire to remain in the shadows and unaccountable to the American people,” Representative Sean Duffy said (a frequent critic of the agency). “No one is shocked that Washington bureaucrats would donate to the candidate who promised to maintain and expand onerous Dodd-Frank regulations that crush our community banks and local credit unions.”

The CFPB was one of just four agencies in which every political contribution went to the Democratic Party.

OK, Mr. Trump. Start by dumping the CPFB. America will be better off.

And thanks to JM for sending this to me.

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