Let move away from Hillary/Trump and check in on the global warming alarmists.

The global warming alarmists are terrified about the forthcoming Trump presidency.

[Source: Climate model predictions are telling a consistent (if wrong) story, by Anthony Watts]

Among the predictions they worry about is wheat production:

Three independent methods of modelling climate change impact on yield display the same bleak tendency: When global temperature increases, wheat yield will decline. This is demonstrated in a study carried out by an international group of scientists, including Professor Joergen E. Olesen and Mohamed Jabloun from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University.

The good news is that the comparison of the three very different climate models allowed the scientists to be even more precise in their projections and enabled them to put more accurate figures on the relation between global warming and declining yields. The models unanimously demonstrate that for each 1°C that the global temperature increases, the global wheat production is projected to decline by an average of 5.7 percent.

OK. Finally, we have “precision.” That’s what we have been waiting for with the global warming model predictions.

Let’s take a look. We are aware that the world population is growing. Yet, despite global warming the standard of living continues to improve. Hmm. Nonetheless, these two facts indicate an increasing demand for food production. Wheat is a staple in most diets. Therefore, decreasing wheat production would be catastrophic.

Here is the data. The global warming alarmists are touting this year as the hottest ever. Poor wheat farmers. Illinois wheat production would be a good sample.


Meanwhile, there’s so much wheat, that prices have been dropping sharply:


OK, say you, but what about GLOBAL wheat production and consumption – not just the USA. Good question, answer I. Consumption worldwide has indeed increased. But note that production more than compensates for the increase.

Especially note that in the “hottest year ever” (2016) we have the “highest wheat production ever!”


Statistically, the global warming models will eventually be correct about a prediction. We await with bated breath.

And thanks to HP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly



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