Two Americas.

When one analyzes this past election it becomes clear that there are two Americas. One is a vast nation. The other is more like Hong Kong, small and densely populated. There are no simple answers to why this is so. If there are such simple answers The Rugged Individualist does not know them.

These maps tell the story of what is happening politically in America.

Map 1: Trump’s America


Map 2: Hillary’s America.


Lastly, some statistics on the above two maps.


The next chart may not be completely up to date but is close.


Some simple arithmetic shows that 95.9 million eligible voters did not vote (compared to 123.1 million that did vote). Further, 23.2 million registered voters didn’t vote. Is it any wonder that the political parties focus so intently on voter registration and “getting out ‘the base’.”

And thanks to PCoop for sending these to me.

Roy Filly



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