Do those that write for the media ever have a unique thought?

Bill McGurn of the Wall Street Journal made a striking observation. He said in his excellent article (I suggest you read it in its entirety), “If you want to get a good picture of what a herd of independent minds looks like, just plug ‘Trump lashes out’ or ‘Trump lashing out’ into Google News.” So I did.

This is only two pages. There are hundreds more like it. How pitiable. The lame-stream media has devolved into groupthink.

Trump lashes out at accusations of transition chaos – POLITICO

Trump lashes out at NBC News president for using photo of him with ……/trump-lashes-out-at-nbc-news-president-for-using-ph…

Trump lashes out on Twitter at latest SNL portrayal and demands ……/trump-lashes-out-on-twitter-at-latest-snl-portrayal-and-d…

Donald Trump lashes out after Mike Pence booed at “Hamilton …

Donald Trump Lashes Out at ‘Disloyal’ Republicans, Paul Ryan

Trump lashes out at Paul Ryan on Twitter, says ‘the shackles have ……/trump-lashes-out-at-paul-ryan-on-twitter-says-the-sh

Trump lashes out at Clinton’s personal record, policies – Chicago …

Trump lashes out at media – CBS News

5 things you need to know now – Trump lashes out over reports of …

Trump asks for media ‘reset,’ but lashes out at execs – POLITICO…/donald-trump-media-transition-tension-231727

Trump Lashes Out At Media « CBS New York…/3408462-trump-lashes-out-at-media/

Donald Trump lashes out in all directions – The Boston Globe…/story.html

Donald Trump lashes out on Twitter at Republicans abandoning him ……/donald-trump-lashes-out-on-twitter-at-gop-for-abandoning-him…

Donald Trump lashes out at media | MSNBC

Trump lashes out at ‘corporate media’ | TheHill…races/300856-trump-lashes-out-at-corporate-media

Trump lashes out at media and his accusers | TheHill…/300839-trump-lashes-out-at-media-and-his-accusers

Trump Lashes Out at GOP – NBC News

And thanks to HP for sending this to me.

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2 Responses to Do those that write for the media ever have a unique thought?

  1. Malcolm1 says:

    Did Hillary have a unique thought? She was a woman who has been running for office for 30+ years. Yet, she ran as Obama’s 3rd term. In 2012 she ran as her husband’s 3rd term. (Some feminist.) The media never pondered what her “vision” was for the country, what her policies might be. All they did was defend her from uncomfortable questions about her RICO organization between the emails, her charities, the speeches and Teneo Consultancy, all with the goal of monetizing our government for the Clinton’s personal financial gain.

  2. I am convinced that the Left and the lame-stream media are vicious and bent on defamation and character destruction at any cost, regardless of reliability. They did it with Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. Only in court could proof of such dishonesty be held accountable. It is shameful and totally lacking in substance for helping this country. The main worry to me is that the quantity and repetition of it can have the effect to inure large numbers of the public into acceptance of this type behavior, since it is almost “every day.”

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