The New York Times gets it wrong again!

According to the New York Times (NYT) firings and discord put Trump transition team in a state of disarray. Of course, they wish to portray Trump in this way. After all, they have been dead set against his presidency from the beginning.

Trump has been President-elect for 9 days and the NYT is voicing concern that he has yet to name his first cabinet pick. Clearly, they see this as a signal of “disarray.”

Of course you remember how they chastised the Obama transition team for not announcing a cabinet pick for three weeks. No. Did they neglect to chastise Obama? George W. Bush did not name his first cabinet pick for 6 weeks. Reagan waited 6 weeks, as well. to name his first. And Jimmy Carter waited 5 weeks.

The left wing media, largely exemplified by the NYT, will be chastising President Trump for at least four years. I wonder if they will ever say, “Good job, Mr. President.” Hopefully every editor and journalist at that left wing rag will have a deep, penetrating ulcer during the Trump tenure. It would serve them right.

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One Response to The New York Times gets it wrong again!

  1. The “mainstream” media has from the beginning of the campaign fraudulently described D. Trump and used every manipulatory method they could think of to destroy his person. Also, the journalism-media voice of the leftwing agenda constantly (and sometimes eruditely) wrote and published smearing denunciation of all the ideation of “the other side,” but for them now to claim “fairness of reporting” is a fraud, and the criticism of the President-elect’s burgeoning assembly of his cabinet is part of their intention. I believe they will continue to attempt to destroy Mr. trump’s presidency. The “mainstream media” failed miserably during the campaign in presenting both sides of issues, just like the present-day, one-sided and intolerant teaching of Marxism in the majority of university, college, and public school system campuses. And, they are showing that they are planning to continue misrepresenting everything Trump’s administration intends to do and accomplishes in doing.

    Media’s (and Democrats’) constant denunciation of rational values and mores of the US founding principles reflect their convictions, and “tolerance” totally escapes their mentality. Their reported justifications fall far short of rational consideration.​

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