The Democrat policy issues of the election.

If you are sitting there looking at today’s title and trying to think, “What were the Democrat Party policy issues that Hillary was constantly espousing,” join the crowd. The election was not based on policy issues, at least on the Democrat side.

Donald Trump discussed policies in virtually every speech and at every rally. But, because the media hated Trump they refused to focus on his policies (unless, of course, they thought they could use them against him).

When you think about the Hillary campaign it boiled down to: vote for me because you are black. Are you Hispanic – yes, then vote for me. Are you a women or gay, then vote for me.

[Source: What was the election all about? By John C. Goodman]

My Democrat friends will argue that isn’t true. But I would like you all to recall election night. Every media outlet, including Fox News, was entirely focused on identity politics. How many blacks voted? For whom did they vote? How many Hispanics voted? For whom did they vote? How many women voted? For whom did they vote? Is the voter “military?” Does the voter have a college degree?

And it was worse than that! Did a greater percentage of blacks voted for Trump than voted for Romney? How about “women?” More for Trump or Romney?

The Democrat Party has done this to us. We are AMERICANS. In which issues are AMERICANS interested? The pundits, the media, the Washington establishment, and the DEMOCRAT PARTY have all lost site of what AMERICANS want.

Was Trump a genius?  Well, that isn’t the word I would apply. To my way of thinking it was much simpler than that. He was still an AMERICAN. He had not yet been poisoned by the pundits, the media, the Washington establishment, etc.

American needs to inject the antivenom to negate the poison of identity politics. Identity politics is the politics of envy and hate. The candidate must convince segments of the American populace that they are victims, that they have grievances and those outside their group are responsible for their suffering.

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to The Democrat policy issues of the election.

  1. Starchild says:

    Both Democrats and Republicans are continually talking about what’s best for some people and not others. We are *human beings*. Nationalism is the divisive ideology of trying to separate people into “Americans”, “Russians”, “Chinese”, “Gambian”, etc. If you support nationalism, you are supporting identity politics.

    • Roy Filly says:

      I disagree. “America first” is something I believe is in best interest of all Americans regardless of heritage.

      • Starchild says:

        But Roy, even if your observation is true, it doesn’t contradict anything that I said! And nationalism doesn’t just mean “America first”, it also means “Russia first”, “China first,” “Gambia first,” etc. Are all those other “firsts” also good for Americans? I think not. Worldwide, everybody ends up a loser under such a system. Sure, one group may be relatively “on top” for a while and think they have it good (even though it could be better with everyone treating everyone else fairly), but eventually the tables will turn.

  2. Starchild says:

    Nor is what’s good for Americans the only thing people should be thinking about, even if they themselves happen to be Americans. Unless you think that being selfish and not giving a s— about anybody else with a different heritage than you is the model of behavior you subscribe to, want your children to follow, etc.

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