Politicians are scrambling around trying to find “the word” that describes yesterday. The Rugged Individualist will help – nice guy that I am. The word is “repudiated.”

Donald Trump – President elect.

Barack Hussein Obama – REPUDIATED.

Hillary Rodham Clinton – REPUDIATED.

William Jefferson Clinton – REPUDIATED.

Obamacare – REPUDIATED.

Obama/Clinton foreign policy – REPUDIATED.

Obama economic plan – REPUDIATED.

Washington elites – REPUDIATED.

Political “pundits” – REPUDIATED.

The Washington Post – REPUDIATED.

New York Times – REPUDIATED.


Harry Reid – REPUDIATED.

Nancy Pelosi – REPUDIATED.

Democrat National Committee – REPUDIATED.

Las Vegas Odds Makers – REPUDIATED.

Mitt Romney – REPUDIATED.

Colin Powell – REPUDIATED.


Susan Collins – REPUDIATED.


Kelly Ayotte – REPUDIATED.

Benn Sasse – REPUDIATED.

Mark Levin – REPUDIATED.

George Will – REPUDIATED.

Glenn Beck – REPUDIATED.

Eric Erickson – REPUDIATED.

Weekly Standard – REPUDIATED.

Bill Kristol – REPUDIATED.

Black Lives Matter – REPUDIATED.

I could continue. The list could be very long. But the Rugged Individualist is too happy to be vindictive today.

Roy Filly



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6 Responses to Repudiated!

  1. Pat says:

    I predicted this weeks ago simply because if I, a red-neck “deplorable” from a fly over state (with a doctorate degree, an emeritus professor and former department chair), felt like I was invisible to the power brokers in politics, the media and financial circles, surely there were others (regardless of educational level, economic status or state of residence) who felt the same way. We are Legion! And we began to take back our country yesterday. This is the first step. Now we must remain vigilant that Mr. Trump selects wise advisors and Cabinet members… and listens to their sage advice…and that his administration follow through on his stated goals. And we need also to hold our legislators accountable to those of us who voted them into office, not those who threw money at them!

  2. Edward says:

    You picked the perfect word. And for me too, today is the happiest day in a very long time. I read you every day and, like you, was sadly resigned to a Hillary Clinton presidency and Democrat Senate. And now we have a conservative White House, a conservative Congress and soon to be restored conservative Supreme Court. Hooooray!!

  3. Roy Filly says:

    Thanks for your kind comment.

  4. libertyphysics says:

    Mark Levin eventually supported Trump and had a lot of nice things to say about the Trump economic plan. Levin’s biggest concern, as is mine, was about a trade war. So I think you should remove Mao’s name from the list and replace it with Marx.

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