Is this the worst?

If you haven’t seen this you will be shocked. There are two possible interpretations of the following statement by OUR PRESIDENT. First, and worst, he is actually encouraging illegal aliens to vote. Second, and only slightly less nauseating, he is saying that if you are harboring a criminal, by all means get out and vote for someone who will not throw you in jail for breaking our laws.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Is this the worst?

  1. Flayer says:

    I actually called the Registrar of Voters to ask if my non-citizen (but green-card holding) husband could vote in this election. The young man who answered said “Yes!” I said please check again. It took 3 tries to get to what of course I know is the correct answer. I said, “But Obama said if he pays taxes he is a citizen. And Obama is the chief executive officer, our president and supposedly a Constitutional professor.” I also called the office of Congressman Honda. His employee said that there are proposals to assist non citizens to be allowed to vote. I asked them if Obama had lied. Nibody wouldn’t say. Finally when I dropped off my ballot at our town hall office I asked the nice lady if my husband could vote because Obama said he could. She looked at me, turned quietly so the other office workers couldn’t see and motioned no. She had a kind of panicked look in her eyes.

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