The choice is upon you.

Everyone agrees that the candidates for presidency are not Sister (now Saint) Teresa and George Washington. Nope. Definitely NOT! They are instead Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Nonetheless, one of those two people will become President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017. It’s time to choose.

So let’s take a quick last look.

  1. You live in a house (let’s call “house” a synonym for federal entitlements) that you cannot afford. How does a rational person deal with this problem. Option one: buy a smaller house. Option two: buy a bigger house. Which are the two biggest federal entitlements? They are Social Security and Medicare. HRC solution: Buy a bigger house. She plans to “expand Social Security” and allow “50-year-olds to get Medicare.” “If you were able to move people… 50 and up, who are the biggest users of health care, into the Medicare program… the costs would be more distributed,” she said. “More distributed” is political speak for someone else (namely you) will be asked to shoulder the costs.
  2. You would like the US economy to grow faster (me, too). Mr. Trump proposes a plan to increase GDP growth to 4%. You may believe him (I do) or you may not. But, at least he is a “pro-growth” candidate. The U.S. economy hasn’t grown by 3% in any year since Obama became president (a first in the history of our great nation), and the explanation from Mrs. Clinton’s economic advisers is that America can’t grow faster and inequality is a bigger problem in any case.  More income redistribution is their patent medicine.
  3. What America needs is more regulation. Let me ask you, (and you need to subtract “terrorism” from your calculation) do you believe your food, automobile, home, and job are a lot less dangerous than they were just last year? No? Then be aware that nearly 4,000 regulations are squirming their way through the federal bureaucracy in the last year of Barack Obama’s presidency — many costing industry more than $100 million — in a mad dash by the White House to push through government actions affecting everything from furnaces to gun sales. Hillary Clinton: We need more of that! Donald Trump: Will require that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated.

Forget that Hillary has been caught in dozens of lies, risked American security through her private email server, and has been a “pay-for-play” politician since she left the White House “broke” and “earned” $100 million. Her policies are flat out NUTS!

Roy Filly

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