Shoot the messenger – or the Com(ey)ing election.

Remember when the only thing standing in the way of a Hillary win was “the Comey primary?” Then along came the results of the Comey primary and “he didn’t indict.” Hillary seemed all but inaugurated. But then something strange happened. There was a RECOUNT!

Before the “recount,” Hillary, her campaign manager, the DNC and the Democrats in Congress all thought Comey walked on water. The Republicans… not so much. Now, the worm has turned, as the saying goes. Hillary and her “co-conspirators” are not at all happy.


[Source: Is Team Clinton Booting the Election? By Michael Barone]

[From the Barone article] The first response (of Democrats after the worm turned) was to attack Comey for addressing his letter only to Republican members of Congress. In fact, it was addressed, in line with typical executive branch practice, to the appropriate committee members of both parties. An unforced error or, as the British would say, an own goal.

Then came an attack on Comey for violating Justice Department “protocol” — a word used a dozen times by vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine in one interview.

But of course, Team Clinton didn’t object to Comey’s violating protocol July 5 when he announced he wouldn’t recommend criminal charges against Clinton for violating email rules and lying repeatedly about it. He said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring such a case, even though no reasonable judge would quash an indictment under Title 18, Section 793(f) of U.S. Code based on the facts he alleged.

Team Clinton cheered that violation of protocol. The Oct. 28 letter (reopening the investigation) required a “1984”-style flip-flop from those in the Clinton camp. They said, in effect, “We have always been at war with the protocol-violating James Comey.”

Mr. Trump now actually has a chance to win again. If he does, it will be the most amazing political victory since Truman beat Dewey. The headlines were already printed in that election. Think about it. Mr. Trump had no allies! The Democrat Party, of course, was against him. Corporate America and Wall Street were against him (those Hillary speeches to Wall Strett must have been doozies!) The Main Stream Media was against him. Republican pundits were against him. The entrenched Republicans in Congress were against him. And the RNC was only slightly “for” him being more concerned with so-called “down ballot races.” When Trump promised to “drain the swamp” most establishment Republicans knew that he was including them for The Drain.


The latest analysis from the Media Research Center confirms that in the wake of the FBI’s decision to reopen the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, the big three networks—ABC, CBS, NBC—have turned to attacking FBI Director James Comey instead of focusing on Clinton and the scandal itself.

[Source: War on Comey: Big Three Networks Focus Attacks on FBI Director Over Clinton By Wide Margin, by Leah Barkoukis]

After reviewing statements by reporters, analysts, and partisans from Friday evening when the announcement was made until Monday morning, MRC found that those who took a position attacked Comey much more often (88 times) than arguments critical of Clinton (31 times). This is a ratio of nearly 3 to 1.

In sum, the three networks devoted 2 hours, 19 minutes, and 49 seconds to the Comey angle of the story during morning and evening programs.


My friends, if Trump looses the battle to retake America will still only have just begun.

Roy Filly


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