Did you know that Michael Moore is for Trump?

Personally I dislike Michael Moore. I dislike him enough that I steer clear of anything he says. Therefore, I was unaware that he made the video below extolling Donald Trump. I warn you that he is nearly as vulgar as Hillary Clinton. So expect some F-bombs. Children should leave the room.

And thanks to JM for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Did you know that Michael Moore is for Trump?

  1. Good Grief! I never thought I would hear statements of logic from the mouth of Michael Moore, but there it is, and I agree whole-heartedly. I wonder what motivated him to some rationality. It only really matters that it did.

  2. Jim Kleiser says:

    I’m not sure supports Trump, if you see the rest of the presentation. Actually I think he only sympathizes with Trump voters, as he sees them.

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