Where’s your proof, Dr. Filly?

In my post from earlier today I showed evidence that increased spending was not the answer to the “problems” with today’s primary and secondary education systems. I suggested that “dumbing down” the educational process might be the culprit (see comparisons of reading lists in the past versus today).

However, ask you, what is your proof that students are less well-educated today. Well, answer I, there is proof in abundance – scads, oodles, and gobs of proof!

The source for the following is Dumb American Youth, by Walter E. Williams.

[From the William’s article] Let’s start with the 2006 geographic literacy survey of youngsters between 18 and 24 years of age by National Geographic and Roper Public Affairs. Less than half could identify New York and Ohio on a U.S. map. Sixty percent could not find Iraq or Saudi Arabia on a map of the Middle East, and three-quarters could not find Iran or Israel. In fact, 44 percent could not locate even one of those four countries.

They are six times likelier to know who won “American Idol” than they are to know the name of the speaker of the House.

A high-school teacher in California handed out an assignment that required students to use a ruler. Not a single student knew how.

A study done by the American Institutes for Research revealed that over 75 percent of two-year college students and 50 percent of four-year college students were incapable of completing everyday tasks. About 20 percent of four-year college students demonstrated only basic mathematical ability, while a steeper 30 percent of two-year college students could not progress past elementary arithmetic. NBC News reported that Fortune 500 companies spend about $3 billion annually to train employees in “basic English.”

In 2009, the Pentagon estimated that 65 percent of 17- to 24-year-olds in the U.S. were unqualified for military service because of weak educational skills, poor physical fitness, illegal drug usage, medical conditions or criminal records. In January 2014, the commander of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command estimated this figure at 77.5 percent.

My friends, these numbers are shocking. Now let me ask you, what political party has dominated changes to and funding for our primary and secondary education systems? Come on, you know the answer! Say it! Say it!

My friends, the Democrat Party does not have solutions – just “feel good” policies.

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to Where’s your proof, Dr. Filly?

  1. Bill Conklin says:

    Nobody knows their Ps and Qs anymore! 👎

  2. libertyphysics says:

    Recent revelations that include hacked emails from Hillary Clinton, the DNC and others, plus Project Veritas videos topped off by Dinesh D’Sousa’s books and movies have convinced me that our governments at multiple levels have become criminal organizations. When there is a decent school or road they are unintended by-products of a intricate web of cronyism, pay to play and other nefarious activities.

    I used to think we were in an intellectual/ideological battle. I now agree with D’Souza that we are in a battle with criminals, including and especially the media, and that ideology is just the coverup con used by politicians, mainly Democrats, to fool us into being scammed. Even Republicans have had years to block or change the funding to Obama’s bad ideas and they have not done so. Are they cowards or are they in on the scam?

  3. It is astounding how extensive the degenerative effects of the widespread collectivist (left-wing) philosophy propounded by the Democrat party have had on our society from education to the economy and to the military. The dishonest ‘liberal’ cover political claims cannot continue to hide the disastrous consequences of that mentality. Admittedly, the large numbers of under-informed but loyal Democrat voters are duped into voting for an agenda, which ultimately is to their very detriment. It is disheartening and disgusting to observe it all, but worse to be affected by it.

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