Some unpleasant graphs.

Have you heard a lot of debate about debt and what to do about it during the presidential campaign? We hear a lot about “groping” and “pay-for-play.” These are titillating but will not bring down our great nation. However, debt could bring us down.

161023_debt_prezchart_boccia 161023_debt_chart2_boccia

The most troublesome aspect of these graphs is THE TRAJECTORY OF DEBT! Do you think an “establishment” Democrat is the person to reverse the trajectory? Do you think Hillary will fight to reduce spending?

Roy Filly


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3 Responses to Some unpleasant graphs.

  1. Bill Grisham says:

    All of the leaders you show there have been part of the attempt to shove the U.S. into the New World Order and attempting to centrally control the world is a very expensive project which we are expected to pay for domestically. This fiat money created monster will come home to bite us as the New World Order fails and the slavery of paying back the National Debt hits home.

  2. Flayer says:

    I disagree. “Pay-for-Play” is important. Who paid Hillary and what do they want in return? This is THE issue. If she is elected she will enter badly damaged for her now documented lawlessness, corruption, scandal, poor health and bad temper. Every action will be viewed from the lens of her investors, er – donors. As the enormity of the documents from FOIA, Project Veritas and WikiLeaks descend on Americans we will realize what she truly has done. Quite an accomplishment, actually, if one admires successful thieves. Nothing she does will be for the good of the country but rather for the ROI of her investors who paid for her to deliver. We are screwed because Gulf interests will prevail over our interest. If coal is a threat to Saudi interests then it will go away. They paid for it to. Similarly if Warren Buffet’s railway interests are best served if Hillary kills the Pipeline, despite a boon to middle class Americans, then so it shall be done.

  3. libertyphysics says:

    And we must keep in mind that at $20T, even the books on that number are cooked downwards. We face $200T in unfunded liabilities that don’t appear in the operating debt of $20T, mostly transfer payments such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, due by mid-century. That’s over 10 times the size of our total economy.

    It’s hard to imagine dealing with that even if we had the Reagan era growth of 4, 5, or 6 percent. But at Obamas 1.5% growth, probably unchanged during the Clinton Kleptocracy, we face certain economic collapse, super inflation or something worse.

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