Does Hillary have “a position on…”

There have been ever so many damning emails revealed by Wikileaks: hiding classifications, pay for play, quid pro quo, using a different name for emails to the president, etc., etc. However, the one aspect of the emails that has gotten too litle attention is that they show Hillary Clinton to be devoid of conviction.

Clinton is a “finger to the wind” politician. Her “flip flops” are all carefully calculated to garner votes where needed.

Recent analyses by John C. Goodman and Kimberly Strassel document that the emails released by Wikileaks show that Clinton has one belief and one belief only: how to get enough votes to be president.

As Strassel puts it:

Mrs. Clinton has been exposed to have no core, to be someone who constantly changes her position to maximize political gain. Leaked speeches prove that she has two positions (public and private) on banks; two positions on the wealthy; two positions on borders; two positions on energy. Her team had endless discussions about what positions she should adopt to appease “the Red Army”—i.e. “the base of the Democratic Party.”

Mr. Goodman states:

The documents show the Clinton advisors carefully and meticulously messaging the Clinton position on a wide range of issues — on everything from the Keystone pipeline to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). As they emailed back and forth, the advisors carefully weighed the costs and benefits (in terms of votes, campaign contributions and favorable or unfavorable publicity) of nuanced positions.

On a great many issues, Clinton has changed her position – including gay marriage, the TPPA and the pipeline – over the nine-year period covered by the emails. The Clinton advisors anguish over how to position theses changes without appearing to be “cynically” chasing votes or giving the appearance of “putting a finger to the wind.”

But there appears to be no email exchange where anyone discusses what Clinton actually believes about any issue at all.

Even the New York Times was nauseated by the lack of core beliefs in the Clinton campaign:

The private discussions among her advisers about policy — on trade, on the Black Lives Matter movement, on Wall Street regulation — often revolved around the political advantages and pitfalls of different positions, while there was little or no discussion about what Mrs. Clinton actually believed. Mrs. Clinton’s team (was) consumed with positioning and optics.

While I will vote for Mr. Trump, the writing is on the wall that Clinton will be president (unless Wikileaks has a tape of Hillary groping young boys). Say what you will about Mr. Trump, at least he believes in something.

Roy Filly


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