Before the debate.

These may be helpful before the debate.

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4 Responses to Before the debate.

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    He needs find an opening to ask her just one question, or ask the moderator to ask it. In fact, I often wondered why a candidate doesn’t do that — ask the moderator to ask a question. Trump: “Mr. Wallace, since we’re talking about budgets, please ask Mrs. Clinton a question. Please ask her: Mrs. Clinton, tell the American people how you have a net worth of $30MM on your past annual salaries as senator from NY and as Secretary of State, from roughly $160,000 to $180,000.” Of course, the answer is she “earned” $15 million in two years from speaking fees. Trump: “Mrs. Clinton, I admit I’m a lousy speaker; but, Mrs. Clinton, we’ve heard your speeches; no one paid you a quarter of a million dollars for a 30-minute speech, did they? They paid you for something else. Millions of people want to know: what did they pay for?”

  2. Flayer says:

    Excellent question.

  3. Starchild says:

    Dick – That’s an excellent question, I wish it had been asked. I don’t know why the candidates don’t ask the moderators to ask questions of their opponents; it’s hard to imagine the answer is that it would be too far outside the rules, since the “rules” were pretty much an unenforced joke anyway.

    The images are as amusing for their facial expressions and artistic renderings as for the content. If the Seven Dwarfs had Stepford Wives, I imagine they might look a bit like the Hillary Clinton in the first and third cartoons.

    Another question I’d like to have seen asked: “If 17 separate intelligence agencies studied the same issue and came to the same conclusion, doesn’t that suggest that 16 of them are redundant?”

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