In case you are interested.

Another interesting statistic – without comment.


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3 Responses to In case you are interested.

  1. hpoppel says:

    Meaningless without corresponding CoL data.


  2. FC says:

    Hpoppel undoubtedly means Cost of Living (CoL) and is right on the money. In NJ people make huge salaries,especially public workers ( school secretary – $88,000 ayear), but we are also burdened with outlandish taxes, fees, fines, and prices. It is not impossible for your property tax bill to exceed your mortgage (it happened to me).
    It is estimated that owning a car, even a junker, costs about $10,000 a year, exclusive of any payments of an auto loan.
    One co-worker was transferred from the company NJ location to another in PA only about 100 miles away. When he priced a comparable home in the new location, he found he was going to make a huge profit and it wqs going to be taxed as income. He solved the problem by buying a former PA Governors mansion.
    We have the highest or second highest CoL in almost every category, except gasoline tax. It was only 17.5 cents per gallon. Because of a recent agreement between our Republican Governor and our tax-and-spend Democratic Senate and Assembly it is to be raised 23 cents per gallon more on Nov.1. This is supposedely to fix our pot-holed roads and crumbling bridges, but will probably be used for something else (like lavish retirement payments for public employees).
    CoL does indeed matter!

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