Poor Trump.

Let’s face it. The odds were always stacked against Trump. The Washington establishment of both parties do not want outsiders. They might upset their apple cart.

The left-wing media has had the long knives out for Trump since the beginning. A recent analysis shows the unbelievable bias.

This week we had revelations about Trump’s sexual indiscretion from 10-20 years ago. On the other side was the recent and probably illegal Hillary email scandal which showed many interesting developments as Wikileaks dumped thousands of new emails from John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign chairman) into the news.

Here was the coverage the night following both revelations (analysis by Fox News as shown on Special Report). On the Trump sex scandal during the evening news:

ABC spent 9 minutes.

NBC spent 7 minutes 40 seconds.

CBS spent 5 minutes.

On the Clinton email scandal during the evening news:

ABC spent 37 seconds

NBC – no mention

CBS spent 31 seconds.

Therefore 18 times more negative coverage was spent on Trump than Clinton. Worse still, the New York Times had 11 stories on Trump – all negative. There were zero articles on Hillary and the Wikileaks email exposure.

Trump doesn’t have a chance. Is it any wonder that only 6% of Americans trust the media?

Roy Filly

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2 Responses to Poor Trump.

  1. If any of the so-called Trump ‘sex scandals’ were so important or even real, why has it taken thirty years to come out instead of when D. Trump had a popular TV series and was in the public eye? Also, why is it that any Republican candidate faces such smearing by the mass media before any important election? It is simply ratty and malicious and typifies the left-wing Democrat modus operandi.

  2. Flayer says:

    Nobody seems worried about the obvious and well-documented corruption of Hillary and Bill. How can anyone vote to give more power and reward corrupti behavior and for a woman who has already repeatedly lied to us? A corrupt person will not suddenly stop being corrupt because he or she won. I’m voting for Trump because my conscience will never allow me to be a party to a person who has been on the take her whole life and will continue to do so at OUR expense. Wake up America! I like Trump’s platform, don’t you? I like his Supreme Court picks, don’t you? I like his support for vets, don’t you? I like a birder, don’t you? I like a civil society based on laws, don’t you?

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