In search of a legacy – other than “worst president.”

In the news was a pitiable attempt by Barack Obama to salvage a “legacy.” He proposed a NASA mission to Mars. There are fewer than 100 days remaining in Obama’s presidency (thank The Maker) and he hopes to get a “legacy” for proposing a task that will take nearly two decades. Worse still, Obama’s restart of NASA’s mission to Mars is something he effectively canceled eight years ago.

Obama’s op-ed calls for NASA to send humans to Mars by 2030, but Obama has a long history of slashing programs that would have sent America to Mars much sooner.

Experts blame Obama for shutting down NASA’s plans to send astronauts to Mars in favor of having the space agency fund global warming research and “outreach programs.” Before Obama took office, NASA had sent a steady stream of missions to Mars, but the agency has been forced to scale back to only one more planned mission, the Mars 2020 rover.

The Obama legacy is ISIS, a stagnant economy, Libya, the Iran Nuclear Deal, the resurgence of Russia, a noisy and belligerent North Korea, the Middle East in a shambles, millions of Syrian refugees, innumerable “lone wolf” terrorists on our shores, vanishing “red lines,” Obamacare… shall I go on!

Ask yourself this question: Who is the happiest person in America that Barack Obama became president? Answer: Jimmy Carter!

Roy Filly


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One Response to In search of a legacy – other than “worst president.”

  1. It is a shame that by fraud and empty but conservative-sounding statements, this man without any noticeable accomplishments was elected President of this United States. His eight years in office has demonstrated his collectivist-warm-to-Islam philosophy that is so opposite to the moral, free-market America I and my generation grew up in. In terms of relative value, his legacy will remain on the negative side of history.

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