The Imperial Presidency.

So, we had another debate. Who won? Who was the meanest? Who was most skilled at skirting the important issues? Who cares anymore!

As a “conservative” and “rugged individualist” I want small government, constitutional protections, fiscal sanity, personal liberty and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! How many times did the issue of $20 trillion in debt arise during the debate? But most importantly, how often did the issue of Barack Obama’s transformation of the presidency get discussed? We learned a lot about sexual indiscretion, but little about anything substantive.

From my perspective, what must come to an end is not simply that we have had the worst president in the history of the Republic; that will happen on January 20, 2017 no matter who wins the election. But it is important that the transformation of the presidency undertaken by Obama must be reversed. Does anyone of sound mind believe that Hillary Clinton will reverse Obama’s… well, let’s use the politically correct term, “executive orders” or the other abridgments of the Constitution he managed with his “pen and phone.”

[Source: The Next President Unbound, by Victor Davis Hanson]

Progressives fret that Donald Trump parallels the temperament of 20th century dictators. But they fail to realize that their hero, Barack Obama, is a de facto dictator.

[From the Davis Hanson article] Over the last eight years, Obama has transformed the powers of presidency in a way not seen in decades.

Congress talks grandly of “comprehensive immigration reform,” but Obama, as he promised with his pen and phone, bypassed the House and Senate to virtually open the border with Mexico. He largely ceased deportations of undocumented immigrants. He issued executive-order amnesties. And he allowed entire cities to be exempt from federal immigration law.

The Senate used to ratify treaties. In the past, a president could not unilaterally approve the Treaty of Versailles, enroll the United States in the League of Nations, fight in Vietnam or Iraq without congressional authorization, change existing laws by non-enforcement, or rewrite bankruptcy laws.

Not now. Obama set a precedent that he did not need Senate ratification to make a landmark treaty with Iran on nuclear enrichment. (Or his unauthorized bombing of Libya? – RF)

He picked and chose which elements of the Affordable Care Act would be enforced…

Rebuffed by Congress, Obama is now slowly shutting down the Guantanamo Bay detention center by insidiously having inmates sent to other countries.

 (If Trump is elected, would the liberal press – or even staunch conservatives – tolerate) President Trump’s IRS — mirror-imaging Lois Lerner — hounding the progressive nonprofit organizations of George Soros?

Obama established the precedent that a president should be given a pass on lying to the American people. Did Americans, as Obama repeatedly promised, really get to keep their doctors and health plans while enjoying lower premiums and deductibles, as the country saved billions through his Affordable Care Act?

More recently, did Obama mean to tell a lie when he swore that he sent cash to the Iranians only because he could not wire them the money — when in truth the administration had wired money to Iran in the past? Was cash to Iran really not a ransom for American hostages, as the president asserted? Did Obama really, as he insisted, never email Clinton at her private unsecured server?

Can the next president, like Obama, double the national debt and claim to be a deficit hawk?

What I want in the next president is someone who will start their administration by reversing virtually every one of Barack Obama’s “executive orders.” I cannot be certain that Mr. Trump will do it, but am absolutely certain Hillary Clinton WILL NOT!

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to The Imperial Presidency.

  1. In the “debate” last night it was Donald Trump who addressed the matters important to our nation rather than Hillary’s “smooth” speech emphasizing the “unfit to be president” theme she continuously harps upon. Regardless of Trump’s sometimes dumbhead statements, his beliefs and his basic pro-America stance plus his proposed Constitution-respecting possible Supreme Court nominees are the most deeply important aspects of this campaign. The attempts to defame Trump are tiring.

  2. Roxanne A. says:

    Good point about the need to undo so much of the precedent set by Obama. However, I do not believe he was the first to use Presidential Executive Orders ( He has been a very ardent user of them. Also, it was Bush who got us into Iraq without a formal declaration of war by Congress. The political establishment in general has little use for the Constitution when it suits them. To quote a friend, the Democrats are farther along the road to barbarism than are the Republicans. But the Republicans do not have any rational principles of limited government, individual rights, guiding their minds.

    They are all Pragmatists: i.e., principles are dogmatic to them, they are unprincipled on principle. They do “what works” and what works can only be judged by doing it. To a Pragmatist, there is no objective reality, no difference between consciousness and reality, all is flux, so do whatever you want to do, and if it works, good! If it doesn’t, not good. But no way to know prior to “trying something”, so no need or desire for firm, unbending principles to live one’s life by. To be principled is is be a limited person. (Pragmatism- For the New Intellectual, Ayn Rand)

  3. Carmella Vowinkel says:

    Your position is exactly what I believe and I hope we do not allow the distractions that are continuing to be thrown out about Trump stop people from realizing the bigger picture is so much more important. We will lose the chance to stop it if we don’t vote for Trump now!

  4. Starchild says:

    Opposition to Hillary Clinton is a reason to vote for Gary Johnson, not Donald Trump. Two former Republican governors in Democratic states are more electable to mainstream America than Trump is, but to make it happen more Republicans need to realize they’ve tied themselves to a sinking ship (or perhaps a deflating balloon would be a better metaphor).

    In reference to the kind of Supreme Court appointments Donald Trump might make, he has said he thinks his sister would make a “phenomenal” justice, although he claimed to have no idea what she believes (and apparently she is strongly pro-choice on abortion) –

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