Jokes of the day.

Truth in humor.

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Roy Filly


About Roy Filly

Please read my first blog in which I describe myself and my goals.
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3 Responses to Jokes of the day.

  1. Bill Conklin says:

    I really adore cartoons! Political ones, of course, but others too. The best cartoonists make one or just a few panels an entire editorial.

  2. Once again, cartoonist depictions jog us into thinking about the present presidential campaign. The “Hillary in the lead” political cartoon implies that D. Trump lis too. I disagree with that, although he has been less than accurate on occasion. What remains important are the basic beliefs and stances of the candidates and how they would replace Supreme Court judges.

  3. Starchild says:

    “less than accurate on occasion” – If you are as charitable with your funds as with your descriptions David, you must be a major philanthropist!

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