Just so the record is straight.

I am not defending Donald Trump’s statements about women. But lest you have forgotten or are unaware because of your age, watch the following. Monica Lewinsky was an intern at the White House. As a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, if I have consensual sex with an intern, I GET FIRED! Clinton is a master at using words. It kept him from going to gail for perjury. See Footnote.

And thanks to PS for bringing this to my attention.

Roy Filly


When Is Sex Not “Sexual Relations”?

By Richard Lacayo


When Bill Clinton gave his deposition in the Paula Jones case, he said he had never had “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky. But Lewinsky has reportedly testified to a number of acts that most people think of as sex. Can both statements somehow be true? Is it possible that the two of them had intimate contact, yet Clinton still did not perjure himself? In the intricate world of the law, a world of hairsplitting distinctions where the President is famously at home, it just may be so. Here’s why.

At Clinton’s deposition, Jones’ legal team asked Judge Susan Webber Wright to approve a very precise, three-part definition of sexual relations. Clinton’s attorney Robert Bennett objected to the whole definition, but to the last two parts especially, as being too broad. Wright agreed to disallow parts 2 and 3, leaving only the first, narrowest definition of sex in place.

With that, Clinton may have been given the room to offer a technically “true” denial to the question of whether he had sex with Lewinsky–even if she happened to perform fellatio on him. The truncated definition characterizes sex in terms of a checklist of body parts, including the genitals, breast and thigh. Oral sex would not necessarily require the President to touch anything on Lewinsky that appears on that list. Strange as it may sound, under one reading of the definition, Lewinsky could have been having sex with him (because she was “touching” the President’s genitals) while at the same moment, he was not having sex with her. (At the deposition, Clinton wasn’t asked if she had sexual relations with him, just if he had them with her.) Isn’t the law a wonderfully intricate device?


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