Ask her.

Previously I have reposted some very well thought out issues by Mr. Dick Toomey. I highly recommend his website, “Fodder: The ranting and raving of Critical Dick.” His recent post is well worth reading.

Roy Filly

Ask Her.

By Dick Toomey

He can’t make a speech at a debate, but in bits and pieces, these are  messages Trump should deliver to the American people during the next debates. (Ed. Note: These remarks are profusely redundant with previous posts). My fellow Americans, Hillary Clinton says I’m a rotten, dangerous guy. She says I’m a cheat. She says I’m a failure in business because I lost millions and claimed those losses to avoid taxes. First, let me say this: thousands of businessmen and women have risked and lost everything in life, and bounced back to be successful. We have thus taught our children. After being knocked down, get off the floor and try again. I will never apologize for making mistakes and failing. I risked my own money. I obeyed all the tax rules, kept my companies going and thousands of tax paying employees kept their jobs and we did and still do great things together. That’s not at all unusual in America — it’s what Americans have always done. It’s what made America and her people the most prosperous on earth. Yes, I’ve made mistakes in my life just as have every one of you. But Hillary wants you to believe America’s troubles are my fault. Hillary Clinton is worth anywhere from $30 million to $100 million. Ask her how she made that money on a government salary. She never owned a business, never made a product and never hired employees. You, the taxpayers, have been paying her salary for years. She has been an employee of the Federal Government. Now she lives in three mansions. Ask her – please — to tell you exactly how she became wealthy. Ask her why she refused to send help to her people under attack in Libya — why she let them die. Ask her why she broke Federal law to set up her own private server and then ask her why she lied to the FBI and Congress. Ask her why she doesn’t take responsibility for the rise of ISIS – the killing machine that came to power under her watch. Ask her to tell you where the $6 billion is that went missing from her State Department. I lost my own money — she lost yours. Then ask her why she’s running for President. However, before you do, let me tell you why I’m running. On her TV show, Oprah asked me years ago if I was considering a run. I said, no, that I loved doing what I was doing. When she pressed me on it, I said I would only consider running if things got so bad in this country — and that, yes, I didn’t like some of the things that were happening; I would wait and see. Well, things have gotten worse than anyone could have expected. Everything is broken and getting worse — racial tension is at an all time high, terrorism is everywhere in the world, immigration is out of control, the economy is going nowhere fast, the 20 trillion dollar plus debt is strangling us, and the military has been weakened dangerously. You didn’t cause this situation. I didn’t cause it. Your leaders caused it. And Hillary was one of those leaders who occupied one of the top seats of power. Ask her if she admits to being a big part of the problem. If not she, who? Ask her. I’m running for President because I love my country, period. I don’t need money; I don’t need fame. And this is no ego trip. In fact, I will get old fast working night and day to help clean up the mess in Washington. My party chose me; if they hadn’t chosen me, I would have supported whomever they chose. Americans need to put aside party labels and come together — we need to clean house, get rid of unbridled corruption and bring America up out of the darkness. Please don’t elect Hillary. She has proven by her recorded actions that she’s morally impaired and ethically unfit.


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2 Responses to Ask her.

  1. My observations exactly!! Past mistakes on a private basis (even dumb things said) don’t matter to hill of beans compared to Hillary’s misdeeds, incapability and total dishonesty. What matters is what Trump stands for against what Hillary stands for; nothing more, nothing less. The effects (either way) will be tremendous for our country.

  2. Flayer says:

    Please send this to the Trump people. It sounds like Trump’s own words! Especially about how if he lost money he lost HIS money. Where is that $6 billion lost by State under Hillary? Same place as those Emails.

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