The Flag: Pro or Con?

Below is an image that quickly answers the question for all Americans. Your response will be immediate and visceral.


Is Hillary responsible for the actions of her voters. No. But still it makes one wonder. Recall that at the Democrat National Convention there was a paucity of US flags. Then Donald Trump noticed and presto, lots of flags.

And thanks to JP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly

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6 Responses to The Flag: Pro or Con?

  1. Pat says:

    Note that she’s not only trampling our flag but that it is affixed to the pole upside down. Perhaps appropriately in this case as that’s the international distress signal if my memory is correct!

  2. Those who oppose various aspects of racism and other minority -isms totally miss the importance of the country as a whole. True, there are disparities in the actions of some under-informed and biased people, but the country as a whole is about the universal concepts of individuality, liberty and freedom. True, the freedom of speech insures peoples privilege of disagreement with politics, racial enmity, etc., but the freedom to “work them out,” absent government reprisals of “silencing” as in socialist countries, is most important in the US. Trampling on the flag as if the whole nation supported minority disagreements is missing the blessings of the country and demonstrates a huge ingratitude.

  3. Add “ignorance” to ingratitude, and the picture of the flag tramplers is more complete.

  4. George Glover says:

    The image has been doctored. The Hillary for president is clearly photoshopped over the existing flag. Also it’s motion and lack of waving/variability defies the laws of physics- unless she was standing on the moon.

  5. George Glover says:

    Here is a link to the original photo:

    However it is just as irresponsible and disrespectful to our flag, soldiers and ideals. This has become a popular thing to do and we do not know the intent of each protestor. I too would protest the corruption of our political system and ideals by radical/progressive socialists and business special interests- but never by disrespecting the flag.

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