Federalism: The “red” state – “blue” state experiment has already been done.

Federalism refers to the compound mode of government, combining a ‘federal’ government with state governments, in a single political system. However, the Constitution specifically states that only those powers enumerated in its pages belong to the federal government. All others belong to the states. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This gave America a unique opportunity, The states were the experimental laboratories of our Republic. As states would likely choose different ways to fulfill the needs of their citizens, one could look at the differing results and come to a conclusion about which methods worked best.

Are you a “free trader?” Our forefathers had the wisdom to establish the largest free trade zone in the history of the world.

[Source: Want Prosperity? Follow the Red State Model, by Stephen Moore]

What makes America an economically ingenious place is the competitive federalism model set forth by our Founding Fathers. They established our nation as the world’s largest ever free trade zone, in which 50 states use varying economic and fiscal policies to compete for jobs and people.

And boy, have liberals come to hate that model. Why? Because it puts their policies of tax, spend, regulate and restrict on trial every day. We can see with our own eyes the stampede flowing out of liberal blue states and into conservative red states.

These trends are more important to point out today than ever before, because Hillary Clinton wants to adopt a classic “blue state” model of economic revival — more government spending, higher tax rates on the rich and increased regulations — while Trump would follow the “red state” course. That would mean: lower tax rates; control of federal spending and regulations; and drilling for our bountiful and valuable energy resources.

If Clinton’s vision for America makes sense, why has it failed in the states?

Two years ago, I co-authored a New York Times best-selling book with Arthur Laffer, Rex Sinquefield and Travis Brown, entitled “An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States.” We documented the overpowering evidence that states with low tax rates, less regulation and with right-to-work laws have substantially and statistically significant higher rates of job and income growth. Red states, on average, tend to be a magnet for people and incomes, whereas many blue states — including, most notably, New York and California — are losing out big-time in the internal migration game.

By the way, I mean red states not as “Republican states,” but as shorthand for states that adopt free market policies. I mean “blue states” as places with costly and highly regulated state governments. Virginia once had one of the most pro-growth governors in America, Doug Wilder — a democrat. Then it had one of the biggest tax and spend governors ever, Bob McDonnell — a Republican. Party labels don’t matter. Policies do.

Almost 1,000 people per day on net have been leaving high-tax states for low-tax states. This is more than 3 million people a year voting with their feet against liberalism…

As Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, loves to point out (and Census data confirm), the Lone Star state (with no income tax) created more jobs from 2007-14 than the other 49 states combined. If you think big government and high taxes are a path to prosperity, how in the world do you explain that one? 

… No wonder Clinton is having a hard time convincing voters that her model for rebuilding the economy will work. It hasn’t worked anywhere in the country. Even California lost 1 million residents due to internal migration from 2005-14…

Blue states were once prosperous, and taxes and spending were less onerous than they are now. Connecticut once was very rich. One key to its success was that until 1991 Connecticut had no income tax. Its other key attribute was its proximity to high-tax, anti-business New York. But over the last 25 years, Connecticut has been in a free fall. It has raised its income tax four times, and there is no state, perhaps outside of Illinois, that has more towering deficits. The joke now in Connecticut is: “Will the last person in the state please turn out the lights?” This is prosperity?

Texas — not Connecticut or Illinois or New Jersey — is the model for the country. Clinton wants to make all of America look more like blue state America and Donald Trump wants the country to follow the policies of Florida and Texas. It really is as simple a choice as that.

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3 Responses to Federalism: The “red” state – “blue” state experiment has already been done.

  1. FC says:

    It’s more than just the number of people leaving blue states, the people who are leaving are the ones who create jobs and pay most of the taxes. It’s also more than just people, businesses are also on the move. In NJ, Governer Christie keeps pointing this out, but the wildly liberal legislature just scoffs at him and proposes even more stupid policies.

  2. It is astounding to me how so many people with educations firmly believe in the “blue state” policies that the statistically successful states seem to make no impression on them. They continue to follow what they believe rather than what works.

  3. It astounds me that so many people (and politicians) believe in the “blue state” policies in spite of the fact that the red states are so successful by comparison.

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