Food for thought.

These posters should give one pause… especially if you are of voting age.

image002 image005 image006 image007

And thanks to JM for sending these to me.

Roy Filly

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One Response to Food for thought.

  1. The diversity of race and the hatred of “whites” as pushed by the so-called ‘black leaders’ (Rev. Jackson, et al.) has seen some pretty ugly scenes of rioting and looting in the last few years. “Race” is made a big thing by the Democrat Party in order to try to throw distrust between the black and non-black races of the US. By implying indignity and fomenting distrust it seems that the Dems use this tactic to garner the “black vote” and its support for themselves. It is a mean tactic but successful.

    One of my fellow students and black friends in high school once said to me, “I dislike the titles Afro- and Black-American, because I am simply an AMERICAN.” Truly, we are all human people, and that artificial divisiveness is uncalled for and detrimental to a peaceful society.

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