Obama: not exactly an American cheerleader.

When our President goes abroad, do we, as Americans, want him to deride our Nation? I really do not understand this man. He had the temerity to make the following statement during his final overseas trip. “If you’re in the United States,” the president said, “sometimes you can feel lazy and think we’re so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.”

One would think that after 8 years of his presidency he could brag about how he changed the American Psyche such that the citizenry are now “humble altruists.” After all didn’t he “promise” to “fundamentally transform” the country.

[Source: The legacies of Barack Obama, by Victor Davis Hanson]

US workers are the most productive in the world. But our President thinks we are “lazy.” Not only does he think we are “lazy,” but announces his presumption to the world.

During his speech he went on to “deride Americans for a list of supposed transgressions ranging from the Vietnam War to environmental desecration to the 19th century treatment of Native Americans.”

Obama’s stock in trade appears to be divisive sermonizing and issuing of executive orders because he cannot garner a consensus among America’s elected representatives. Calling Republicans “obstructionists” is not leadership.

Let’s make a bet today. I bet that within 5 years after his presidency Obama’s net worth will be more than $100 million and his fees for speaking will dwarf Hillary’s. The rest of the world likes hearing a President deride the USA. They’ll pay dearly to hear it.

One hundred and twenty four days and counting! And, if you need a reason to vote for Donald Trump contemplate these six words: Supreme Court Justice Barack Hussein Obama.

Roy Filly


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One Response to Obama: not exactly an American cheerleader.

  1. Oh my, your ‘positive appreciation’ of Obama lacks a little enthusiasm. So does mine!!
    BTW, I don’t bet.

    Want an exaggerated understatement? Here is one: Obama is a disappointment!!

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