Do you have an opinion on this graph?

As I have said many times, “you can learn a lot from a graph.” Progressive/statist/altruists and Black Lives Matter think there is no penalty for intimidating the people that protect us. Are there “bad cops?” Of course there are. Not nearly as many as bad politicians and race baiters, but there are “bad cops.” We have a legal system and police procedures to ferret them out and punish them.¬†Progressive/statist/altruists and Black Lives Matter are punishing the WRONG PEOPLE.


Roy Filly


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4 Responses to Do you have an opinion on this graph?

  1. Ray Koziol says:

    Funny how the marketing arm of the democratic party, aka the main stream media doesn’t like to talk about these “pesky” stats. Take these numbers a step further, the “windy city” is about 234 square miles in size and that equates to 33.8 murders per square mile. Go a step further, I have been told by some who travel frequently to Chicago that the majority of these homicides take place in certain areas of the city. This would make it even worse percentage wise when you reduce the square mileage to only those specific areas, worse for the statistics and certainly worse for those living in those areas. Maybe we should station some of our returning mid-east troops in Chicago, oh wait, that wouldn’t make very good “optics” for those in power.

  2. No, I don’t “gotta love politics.” I disdain the political mode of malicious mendacity. It takes a lot of digging to discern what is really going on and the resulting implications and results. Today, two major societal philosophies are at loggerheads; namely, Capitalism and Socialism. All the political window dressing and justifications to the personal and contrary are distracting.

  3. Yes, I have an opinion. More attention must be given to education in the Chicago black inner city.

    Besides the disrupted, single-mom black family, the anti-police protection of the Democrat-run Chicago and the race-divisiveness of Barack Obama; education in the Chicago black inner city is a major problem. Well said by Thomas Sowell, “The one bright spot in black ghettos around the country are the schools that parents are free to choose for their own children.” More attention must be aimed at opposing the strong teachers unions that fight charter schools.

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