Build the wall, but that’s not all.

I favor building “the wall” that Donald Trump has promised. We need to seal our southern border before any negotiations on the future of immigration to the United States or the status of illegals already here begins – not after. There are many who say “the wall” is not the answer and won’t work. I don’t think those people have seen the wall the Israelis built.

Our wall (yes, there are fences that are far more robust, but this is part of our “wall”):


Israel’s wall (the barrier is constructed as a concrete wall up to 26 ft. high):



2012111564343877734_20But the right person must be at the top, otherwise even the most intimidating “wall” is useless.

And thanks to HKG for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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One Response to Build the wall, but that’s not all.

  1. The Israeli wall has a twenty-foot width of sand on the outside in order to detect approach attempts. It has an asphalt road on the inside for fast military vehicle approach capability and it has sensors of touch and seismic capability. They believe in true national security.

    Our wall critics in this country could learn a lot from the Israelis.

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