More misinformation from the Global Warming Alarmists.

There is an old joke that every San Franciscan knows. The joke has been ascribed (erroneously) to Samuel Clemens. He once said that “the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” San Francisco, for those who do not know, is foggy in the summer and the temperature drops precipitously when the fog is heavy.


This was a particularly foggy summer and even in Southern Marin County where I live it was, well… frigid. However, in Washington, DC it has been a hot summer. The hot weather brought out the Global Warming Alarmists. They posit that steamier times are in our future. And the Washington Post gladly took up the chant.

[Source: Don’t Believe The Washington Post Propaganda, DC Summers Are Not Getting Hotter, by Paul Homewood]

Climate Central, a nonprofit science communication group based in Princeton, N.J., says these kinds of brutally hot and humid days are becoming more common.

Climate Central’s States at Risk project, featuring an interactive website, not only analyzed historical heat and humidity data to document observed trends but also, using climate models, projected how hot and humid days will evolve into the future.

Climate Central posted the following:


Do you know why global warming alarmists like to start their graphs in 1970? Because in the 1970s temperatures were dropping, so much so that scientists were predicting another Ice Age. Now, of course, there predicting a heat wave armageddon.


So, why did the “alarmists” choose 1970 to start their graph instead of 1977, ask you? Good question, answer I. The graph below will answer your question quite nicely. The 1970s were the low ebb in “hot days” around Washington, DC.


But if we really want to get a feel for the duplicity of Global Warming Alarmists we need to look at data that goes back even further than 1970 when temperatures were abnormally low. The nearest long running station to Washington is in Laurel, Maryland. It is a mere 17 miles away. A whisker plot of daily maximum temperatures shows that daily temperatures are not increasing, and were actually highest in the 1930s.


My friends, the global warming alarmists (President Obama at their forefront) have been proven wrong time and again. Catching them in a blatant lie is commonplace.

And thanks to HP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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