Hey! American Socialists! Let’s take a look around South America.

Socialism refuses to die! Why is that, ask you? Because, answer I, it gives politicians an excuse to offer “free stuff” in the name of “fairness.” It also gives them the opportunity to set up “bogeymen:” Big Banks, Wall Street, Big Oil, The Rich.

Seriously, my fellow countrymen, think about where America would be today without “oil” or “Wall Street.” What if it was against the law to “be rich.” Do you actually believe that America would be the strongest and wealthiest nation in the history of the world? Capitalism may not be perfect, but socialism is a disaster.

It isn’t as if we don’t have examples in abundance to compare. If we look at South America we can see that in less than two decades ‘Socialism, 21st Century Style’ has already collapsed. I am confident that my readers are aware of the nightmare in Venezuela. Now we can also look at Brazil and other South American examples.

[Source: ‘Socialism of the 21st Century’ Collapses in Brazil. Here’s Why It Failed. By James M. Roberts]

[From the Roberts article] With the Senate impeachment vote to remove from office former President Dilma Rousseff, Brazilians joined a lengthening line of Latin Americans who have soured on the populist, corrupting, and impoverishing policies of “21st Century Socialism.”

Faced with its disastrous consequences, people in some neighboring countries had already turned the page and moved on. Argentina wised up late last year and installed center-right President Mauricio Macri after more than a decade of misrule by the Peronist Kirchner family.

Earlier this year, Peruvians voted for a 78-year-old center-right economist to get them back on track. And in Caracas, Venezuela, tens of thousands took to the streets demanding the removal of the brutally fascistic regime put in power by one of 21st Century Socialism’s founding fathers, the late Hugo Chávez.

In Brazil, government spending programs championed by Rousseff and her socialist mentor and predecessor, “Lula” da Silva, only managed to pull Brazilians out of poverty temporarily, through cash transfers and welfare benefits that ended up nearly bankrupting the country and plunging it into its deepest recession since the 1930s.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you really believe that we are immune to the ravages of socialism? Do you really believe politicians that tell us $19.5 trillion in debt is OK or that we don’t need to “worry about debt?” Are you able to wrap your brain around the fact that $22 trillion in socialist expenditures to “end poverty in America” not only did not end poverty, but didn’t even put a dent in it?

You may not like “Big Oil” or “Big Banks.” but capitalism dictates that at the end of every year they had better show a substantial profit or they will very shortly be a “Small Bank” or “Bankrupt Oil.” That is not true of “Big Government.” How many years do we need to watch “Big Government” loose hundreds of billions of dollars (or, under Obama, trillions of dollars) before we wake up?

Let’s look at a capitalist for comparison. The Trump Organization (i.e., Donald Trump’s business) is owned and managed by Donald Trump and his three eldest children. The Trump Organization has interests in real estate development, investing, brokerage, sales and marketing, and property management. The company owns, operates, invests, and develops residential real estatehotelsresortsresidential towers, and golf courses in different countries, as well as owning several hundred thousand square feet (several hectares) of prime Manhattan real estate. It lists involvement in 515 subsidiaries and entities with 264 of them bearing Trump’s name and another 54 including his initials. Trump’s business is insanely profitable. The Trump Organization brought in about $605 million in revenue last year, and managed to clear somewhere between $275 and $325 million in profit.

The current Federal Government:

Revenue: $3.2 trillion Profits: ($600 billion) – Negative 20%

The Trump Organization:

Revenue: $605 million  Profits: $275 million – Positive 45%

No wonder the establishment on both sides of the isle think he will be anathema to the “establishment.”

Roy Filly



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