Lot’s of food for thought.

Hopefully these will enlighten.

Stupid-liberals-HuffPo-less-diversity-than-NRA Stupid-liberals-Twain-on-media-corruption Stupid-liberals-take-offense-at-everything Stupid-liberals-racist-against-Mexico Wisdom-Walter-Williams-on-capitalism Wisdom-No-apologies-for-America Wisdom-Margaret-Thatcher-on-socialism-power-to-the-people Wisdom-Reagan-on-American-dream-of-opportunity

The following one is not quite true. It has been demeaned by Snopes and Truth or Fiction because Chelsea didn’t receive $900,000 in compensation. It was only $600,000 (from NBC for a part-time job). But NBC swears she was really worth it. You remember all those Chelsea Clinton specials on NBC – you don’t? Mirabili dictu!


Chelsea holds another academic post, salary unknown, as assistant vice provost for the Global Network University at New York University. Chelsea’s personal fortune is estimated at $15 million, most earned as a consultant at McKinsey & Company and by working for Avenue Capital Investment Group. Chelsea and her husband live in a $10.5 million condominium in Manhattan.

And thanks to PCoop for sending these to me.

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2 Responses to Lot’s of food for thought.

  1. Those who need to see these and ponder, sadly will not.

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