Unequal pay.

I believe in equal pay for equal work. Most Americans also believe the same. If there are circumstances where this is not true then I would like to see it fixed.

The reasons that “income inequality” is a non-issue are manifold. Nonetheless, the Democrat Party is crafty. By comparison, Republicans “talk” about ISIS, illegal immigration, and out-of-control debt – issues that have or could have profound impacts on the American way of life. By contrast “income inequality” is essentially a nonentity. Nonetheless, the Democrat Party has made it front-and-center of the political debate.

It is a perfectly natural phenomenon to rebel against unequal pay. In the following video you will both enjoy, laugh, and learn that derision for unequal pay is ingrained in all primates. The Democrat Party uses this biological fact quite effectively.


If you dislike income inequality look to the federal government as its biggest perpetrator (see footnote in this post). But Hillary wants to use the federal government to FIX IT. Go figure!

Roy Filly


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One Response to Unequal pay.

  1. I too like grapes more than cucumber, but I never thought of throwing cucumbers because of WS.

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