Even Democrats are worried about election cheating.

Even the Democrat Party that lives by the mantra “Vote early, vote often” is worried that voting machines can be hacked. Even the Democrat Party that has almost as many deceased voters as living voters is worried that voting machines can be reset to influence an election – except this time for Republicans. Well, at least the Editorial Board of the Washington Post has stated it is worried (they are, after all, the titular “Democrat National Committee”).

I have recently posted that there are means by which voting machines can be recalibrated to alter votes.


[Source: How to hack- and rig-proof U.S. elections, by the Editorial Board, Washington Post]

A MONDAY report from Yahoo News’s Michael Isikoff raised concerns that this year’s election will be rigged… Election systems in at least two states — Arizona and Illinois — have been compromised, seemingly by foreign hackers, possibly operating out of Russia or Iran… (For example, recently we have seen) the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and subsequent leaking of party documents.

In fact, for the moment, the news does not suggest that foreign governments are rigging the election, or anything close. Without evidence of deeper penetrations, the latest revelations amount to little more than a warning. Election systems have vulnerabilities. Government officials and perhaps Congress can and should do more to ensure the integrity of the ballot box.

(Hackers) managed to extract information — up to 200,000 voters’ personal data — only in the Illinois case. In Arizona, election officials discovered malicious software before any data was taken…

U.S. elections are hackable, though it is much harder than some appear to believe. There are three main areas of vulnerability, according to Andrew Appel, a Princeton University computer scientist. Hackers could tamper with voter records, removing names from official rolls. They could attack electronic voting machines. And they could disrupt the proper tallying of voting results as they are collected from various precincts.

In each case, one key to ensuring integrity is creating a paper trail that can be matched to the electronic records. Electronic voter rolls can be checked against paper ones; electronic vote counts can be compared to paper ballots filled in during the voting process; statewide vote tallies can be checked by examining and adding the results reported publicly in each precinct.

Most places have voting machines that leave a checkable paper trail, but there are some counties that do not… 

Of course, the editorial goes on to demean Mr. Trump (quelle surprise), but at least up to that point the Washington Post was willing to admit that our votes are not as sacrosanct as the American citizen might think.

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One Response to Even Democrats are worried about election cheating.

  1. What worries me the most is that the Democrat Party vehemently opposes voter ID. Maybe it would be safer to have voters assemble in large stadiums and hand–count the raised hands. That surely would eliminate dead and pet voters as well as stopping the voting more than once.

    Sadly, I cannot think of a way to monitor the voting than voter ID and careful monitoring.

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