Ann Coulter had some interesting observations.

I have posted several times on the dangers of “identity politics.” The Democrat Party states that voters should choose them because they are “black,” “brown,” “Hispanic,” “women,” etc. etc. In many respects I am surprised that the Democrat Party can pull this off. Ann Coulter in her recent article entitled “Trump: The Great Unifier” (yeah, I know – quite the title) makes some cogent observations.

[From the coulter article] … no authentic person calls himself an “Hispanic.” They’re “Portuguese,” “Cuban” or “Colombian” — and they don’t think of themselves as “brown…”

It’s an insult to imagine that recent immigrants are all in a simmering rage at Trump’s affront to the brown masses. Salvadorans and Guatemalans resent having to pretend they’re Mexican — much less Mexican illegal immigrant rapists.

Mexico is heaving Hondurans out of their country. El Salvador and Honduras went to war over a soccer game. But we’re supposed to imagine that the moment they cross the Rio Grande, they all become blood brothers.

The only people who believe in something called “Hispanics” are white liberals and the RNC. The condescending class is not happy unless they are infantilizing minorities…

Nearly 20 years ago, both black and Hispanic Americans begged Congress to do something about illegal immigration. Rich white people see illegal immigrants only as their maids. Blacks and Hispanics live in their neighborhoods.

Coulter quotes Terry Anderson, a black radio talk show host from South Central Los Angeles. Anderson told a U.S. House subcommittee on immigration in 1999 how illegal immigration had changed that predominantly black community. Today South Central is 99 percent Mexican… Anderson said: “You never hear that every time an illegal alien comes here, he displaces somebody else …. (You) will never hear from these people about the 17-year-old black kid in my neighborhood who went to McDonald’s and was told you can’t work here because you don’t speak Spanish.”

I refuse to believe that immigrants from different countries are all walking in lock step because the Democrat Party thinks they should.

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3 Responses to Ann Coulter had some interesting observations.

  1. “Racism” is to think and designate races, usually from a dominant or “superior” position. It is ironic that Democrats (and ‘liberals’) think, act and talk that way all the time. Since they accuse others (mostly Republicans), they then shift the onus away from themselves. Their arrogance is second to none.

  2. Flayer says:

    I can add to the silly and incorrect idea that all Asians are blood brothers. I grew up in Asia and I can say for a fact that the Chinese do not think of themselves as Japanese. The Japanese think of themselves as superior to all other Asians and blacks and the Chinese have not forgotten the treatment they suffered by the Japanese imperialists.

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