Our modern General Patton.

Yesterday I posted a quote from General George Smith Patton, Jr. I ended the post with a question: “Where is George S. Patton when we need him?” Well, I found “him.” His name is General James Mattis.

Gen. James Mattis, known to his troops as “Mad Dog Mattis,” has just retired after 41 years of military service. The Marine Corps Times called Mattis the “most revered Marine in a generation.” Mattis was commander of the United States Central Command from 2010 until he retired (so, during the Obama administration). He also led the 1st Marine Division into Iraq in 2003.

Here are a couple quotes from Mad Dog Mattis.

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f*** with me, I’ll kill you all.”

 “I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years.”

Sounds a lot like President Obama, don’t you think?

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Our modern General Patton.

  1. I used to wonder why The Big O. is always so negative about this nation. He has demonstrated from the beginning of his incumbency that he has no pride in America and our accomplishments. From that It is easy to see that his absence of pride stems from his lack of pride in his own “accomplishments”, because he hasn’t achieved anything in which he may be proud. (Try “community organizer!” No special accomplishment there!)

    We certainly can have pride in Gen. James Mattis!!!

  2. Roxanne Albertoli says:

    If you want to understand the Big Zero, who is a communist, learn from Ayn Rand:

    “When, at the age of twelve, at the time of the Russian revolution, I first heard the Communist principle that Man must exist for the sake of the State, I perceived that this was the essential issue, that this principle was evil, and that it could lead to nothing but evil, regardless of any methods, details, decrees, policies, promises and pious platitudes. This was the reason for my opposition to Communism then—and it is my reason now. I am still a little astonished, at times, that too many adult Americans do not understand the nature of the fight against Communism as clearly as I understood it at the age of twelve: they continue to believe that only Communist methods are evil, while Communist ideals are noble. All the victories of Communism since the year 1917 are due to that particular belief among the men who are still free.”

    Philosophy: Who Needs It

    “Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern Era,”
    Philosophy: Who Needs It, 70

    “The Communists’ chief purpose is to destroy every form of independence—independent work, independent action, independent property, independent thought, an independent mind, or an independent man. Conformity, alikeness, servility, submission and obedience are necessary to establish a Communist slave-state.”

    “Screen Guide for Americans,”
    Plain Talk, Nov. 1947, 41

    “It is the Communists’ intention to make people think that personal success is somehow achieved at the expense of others and that every successful man has hurt somebody by becoming successful. It is the Communists’ aim to discourage all personal effort and to drive men into a hopeless, dispirited, gray herd of robots who have lost all personal ambition, who are easy to rule, willing to obey and willing to exist in selfless servitude to the State.”

    “Screen Guide for Americans,”
    Plain Talk, Nov. 1947, 39

    “If America perishes, it will perish by intellectual default. There is no diabolical conspiracy to destroy it: no conspiracy could be big enough and strong enough . . . . As to the communist conspirators in the service of Soviet Russia, they are the best illustration of victory by default: their successes are handed to them by the concessions of their victims.- Ayn Rand

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