Hey, ISIS! Some food for thought.

General George Smith Patton Jr. was a senior officer of the United States Army who commanded the United States Seventh Army in the Mediterranean during World War II and the 3rd Army in France and Germany following the D Day invasion. He was known for an economy of words when he gave a quote. I think his words below could be said about ISIS. Maybe our next president will say these words – our current president hasn’t.


Today, North Korea threatened a nuclear first strike against both our nation and South Korea. They said they would turn Seoul and Washington, D.C., into “a heap of ashes.”  As Obama has backed away from a US world leadership position little dictators feel free to step forward. Where is George S. Patton when we need him?

Roy Filly

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3 Responses to Hey, ISIS! Some food for thought.

  1. Yes, George Patton was a man of few words but giant meanings. Since Patton was not “politically correct,” that is one of the reasons Gen. Eisenhower didn’t like him. Today, a gentleman named Donald Trump is eliciting similar emotional dislike for himself and for the same reasons.

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  3. Bob Pegram says:

    Patton said Eisenhower was “too much of a politician and not enough of a soldier.” Eisenhower had risen very fast through the ranks after he became friends with FDR’s daughter and, indirectly, FDR.

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