Congratulations Team USA!

What can one say? The results speak for themselves.


Roy Filly


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4 Responses to Congratulations Team USA!

  1. Obama is wrong just about everything, including life, his erroneous socialist philosophy, the USA and our military and the Boy Scouts of America.

  2. Starchild says:

    When you adjust the number of medals awarded for national population size and availability to athletes of resources for training and so on, I don’t think the results necessarily show American exceptionalism.

    During the just-concluded Rio de Janeiro Olympics, one bit of coverage I heard was that an athlete from Moldavia had won the first-ever medal to be awarded to someone from that country. Is this because Moldavians naturally lack athletic ability compared to people from elsewhere? No. It’s because Moldavia is a relatively small, poor country.

    But the religion of nationalism is studiously blind to such realities that might interfere with the hubristic outpouring of vicarious and irrational pride in the achievements of others.

    • “Availability of resources” DOES NOT MATTER, you moron — the fact that we are the most prosperous nation in the world is just one more reason why WE ARE THE BEST! And BTW, the yuuuge number of medals our team won at the Olympics is an achievement of us ALL — first and foremost that of the athletes, but also everyone who took part in training them, everyone who sponsored Team USA with their money, and to a lesser extent that of EVERYONE in our nation who made a positive contribution to the economy!

    • Roy Filly says:

      Maybe you should calculate those things for China.

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