Progressive/statist/altruists are never wrong.

Have you ever noticed that the central planning (statist) liberals (progressives) never abandon their “plan” because they always believe it is “good for everyone” (altruistic). They have pat answers when their “brilliant” plan (Obamacare is only the latest example in a long list) begins to implode.

What are those “pat answers,” ask you. Here are a few you will quickly recognize, answer I.

  • We didn’t allocate enough money to this idea. (Most common “pat answer” and never mind that we are already $19.4 trillion in debt.)
  • Evil capitalists are thwarting this ever so important program. (Next most common “pat answer.”)
  • Republicans are obstructionists and that is why it isn’t working as planned. (Third most common “pat answer.”)
  • Big corporations colluded to make this fail. (This “pat answer” could potentially have been second on the list.)
  • Religious, gun-toting, bible-thumping, uneducated Republicans simply won’t recognize that what we are promoting is best for them. (They roll this “pat answer” out only in extreme circumstances – and usually behind closed doors.)

Please get to the point, Dr. Filly! You are digressing again, plead you.

OK. The rot in the Obamacare Law has finally crept to the surface.

[Source: EDITORIAL: Finding out what’s in it. Las Vegas Review-Journal]

Democrats responsible for foisting (Obamacare) on American consumers now point their fingers at a familiar bogeyman: evil insurance companies.

Aetna recently announced it would no longer offer policies on 11 of the 15 state exchanges where it sells health insurance. The company said it had lost $200 million on such products during the second quarter. Other insurers have suffered similar red ink.

But economic realities be damned. Progressives who have never operated a lemonade stand but seek to micromanage the U.S. economy now argue that the shady capitalists at Aetna are simply trying to punish the president for blocking the company’s proposed deal to gobble up Humana.

This is amusing on a number of levels, not the least of which is that Aetna executives in 2009 captained the Obamacare cheerleading squad, gambling that the law would force millions of healthy young adults into the market and boost profits. In fact, the opposite happened. Total enrollment is half of what the administration promised and most of those signing up to buy insurance are ailing.

Perhaps that’s a cautionary tale to corporate bigwigs who play footsie with the regulatory state.

In fact, the law itself purposely provides incentives for insurers to consolidate. Writing last week in U.S. News and World Report, Jeffrey A. Singer pointed out that the authors of the Affordable Care Act “were convinced that consolidation in health care would lead to decreased health care spending by eliminating duplication, standardizing treatment protocols and incentivizing better utilization…”

… Greg Ip of The Wall Street Journal noted… the issues with Obamacare are intrinsic to the law. And its many problems have everything to do with the distortions inherent in central planning, not the misconduct of health insurance executives.

“By incentivizing insurers to misprice risk, the law has created an unstable dynamic,” Mr. Ip argues… The law thus “distorts how insurance is priced.”

So Nancy Pelosi turned out to be correct (hard to believe The Rugged Individualist just made that statement!) And about what was she correct, ask you? She said one of the most remarkable (and idiotic) statements to ever come from the lips of a lawmaker, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Well, now we know what is in it – a cancer metastasizing throughout the nation.

And thanks to BC for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Progressive/statist/altruists are never wrong.

  1. To believe in and continue to push a failed philosophy because it “sounds good” is the hallmark of of the socialist-‘progressive’ comrads who “with noble intent” plan what is good for all. It only becomes societally serious when such radicals obtain power. Reality dictates (to all who will listen and observe) that individuals make more and better decisions for themselves because only they can see what circumstances they face and what for themselves the best decisions must be made. This has NEVER changed over eons. The dishonesty of the ‘progressives’ is monumental.

  2. Roxanne A. says:

    Practicality will never win over morality. Even if a morality is horribly impractical, men will practice it if they are convinced it is moral. Altruism, the morality of self-sacrifice, is the moral creed most people ascribe to. Don’t live for yourself, that is selfish. Live for others. It is noble to give your life for others. Ignoble to live for yourself. Choose your purpose in life by how much it helps others, not on whether you find it interesting or not. Doctor’s must sacrifice their minds, their ability to help others who need them. That’s why, according to altruism, it’s moral for government officials to appropriate the entire health care industry and all who work in it, to dole out, according to need, what medical care will be available and who will get it.

    To stop socialized or Obamacized medicine and return to a free market in medicine, fight the morality that justifies it. Unless the morality is explicitly cited and challenged, the legion of prematurely dead and chronically sick people doomed to a half-life existence, from bad to non-existent health care, will be endless.

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