Trump’s positions on the real issues.

The media are happy to tell you whether Donald Trump did or did not donate money to x, y or z charity. You can easily read whether or not he paid for gifts from his own pocket or used other monies. The news is replete with whether he did or did not “diss” someone.

It is truly astounding how the left-wing media has taken the long knives to him. I gleaned the following from today in the Washington Post – JUST ONE DAY:

New campaign shake-up, same old awful Trump.

Trump is entirely delusional about why he’s losing. His new campaign shakeup proves it.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to be tamed. So his campaign is going feral.

Trump debacle shows why kids shouldn’t run the campaign.

The inimitable flacking genius of Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson.

Here’s the future of the GOP in the post-Trump era.

The RNC must cut off funding for Trump.

Trump is absolutely tanking among women and college educated whites.

But you are never given his positions on the issues. Here they are:

  • Stimulate economic growth by cutting back regulations and by encouraging business investment in the US. (Obama is King of Regulations. His regulatory zeal is unbounded – US companies left in droves – and Hillary will follow suit – RF.)
  • Erect real borders (build a wall) to protect U.S. Jobs and the integrity of our immigration standards. (Hillary has promised to “go beyond” Obama’s open border policies – RF.)
  • Reform immigration–establish and enforce strict standards in regard to the type of people we let in to the country legally. (Hillary wants amnesty – RF.)

  • Cut corporate taxes sharply and simplify/reduce personal tax as per House plan. (Hillary will raise taxes. The tax code will become more complicated, not less complicated – RF.)

  • Abolish the death tax (Hillary would increase this to 45% & lower exemption from $5mm to $3.5mm – RF.)

  • Replace Obamacare with a more affordable consumer-centric health-care system. (If you can understand Hillary’s notions to “fix” Obamacare, you are a hec-of-a-lot smarter than I am – RF.)

  • “Destroy ISIS militarily and economically…” (Obama and Hillary brought you ISIS – RF.)

  • Make the US energy independent. (Even on a simple issue like the Keystone Pipeline we can’t get a straight answer from Hillary and Obama – RF.)

  • Support Israel unequivocally. 

  • Expand charter schools and other alternatives for people who live in areas with poor public schools. (The Teachers Union will never allows the Democrat Party to do this – RF.)

  • Support our law enforcement community strongly. (Hillary supports Black Lives Matter – RF.)

  • Attack real government bureaucracy. (The Democrat Party is “bureaucracy central” – RF.)

  • Try to get our National Debt under control. (Obama single handedly doubled the national debt – RF.)

  • Develop real programs which will genuinely help people who for the past 50 years have been trapped in the ghetto by Democrat’s anti-poverty programs which pretty much just pad the pockets of the administrators and teachers and simply exploit the wretched lives of the people they are supposed to help.

  • Appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court. (One of the best reasons to vote for Trump – RF.)

  • Make needed repairs to infrastructure without favoritism to climate alarmist causes. (Have you forgotten the “Stimulus” and the distribution of “shovel-ready” projects to Democrat Blue states – RF.)

I think I’ll vote for him.

And thanks to HP and others (RB and EE) for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Trump’s positions on the real issues.

  1. I personally give no care to the Trump utterings to which small-minded Republicans, Democrats and other liberals get so out-of-joint with. What I do deeply care about are his positions on the issues that you just listed and are the whole importance of the upcoming election. Comparing them with the failed but Obama-proliferated philosophy of the “progressive,” socialist, Soros-supported Democraps, leaves the responsible, patriotic Americans no rational choice but to vote for Donald Trump.

  2. Anne Malcolm says:

    Not to mention that the Dem candidate is corrupt, a reflexive liar and likely an un-indicted felon.

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