And they’re worried about guns!

Perhaps the Democrat Party should be angling at rekindling prohibition instead of limitation of gun rights. Note that these are road accident DEATHS.


And aren’t you glad that you don’t live in South Africa. Good God!

The Center for Disease Control says that 505 deaths were due to accidental/negligent discharge of a firearm last year. Homicides and suicides, of course, are far more common but probably can’t be significantly reduced by banning guns. Where is the organization “Non-drunk American Lives Matter” when we need them!?!?

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) published statistics on drunk driving:

  • 50 to 75 percent of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license.
  • Every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash.
  • In 2013, 28.7 million people admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol – more than the population of Texas.
  • Every day in America, 27 citizens die as a result of drunk driving crashes.
  • An average drunk driver has driven over 80 times before their first arrest.
  • Drunk adults drove over 121 million times per year – over 300,000 incidents of drunk driving per day!

Guns are nothing when compared to cars driven by the inebriated!

Roy Filly


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3 Responses to And they’re worried about guns!

  1. Important information! Sad that the anti-gun agenda of the Democrats is politically motivated rather than factually.

  2. Sad, that the anti-gun agenda of the Democrats is politically motivated rather than factually.

  3. Anne Malcolm says:

    I try so hard to cite these stats to my anti-gun lib friends. They will NOT hear you. Libs are not moved by statistics or facts, either scientific or historical. They are moved by emotion. Find a way to make gun ownership an emotional, sympathetic experience that aids disabled minorities and you’ll get them to move the needle a bit. Or when they or someone they know become a victim of crime that could have been prevented if the victim was armed and thus prevented victimhood. But even that is a hard sell. Believe me, I’ve tried and tried. The best thing would be an executive order from a Republican president to threaten to withhold federal aid to schools who don’t mandate NRA gun safety and self protection classes, including time at the range. If Obama can EO men in women’s classrooms, then that is not so much of a stretch. Right?

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