Deterioration of US race relations: The statistics.

As my readers know, I consider Barack Obama the worst president in US history. This assessment has nothing to do with his heritage and everything to do with his policies. As I wrote after his inauguration, it was wonderful to see that America had elected a black president. A huge symbolic barrier had collapsed. Perhaps now the horrible racial past of the United States would, at long last, fade into history.

The nation seemed to feel the same way. When Obama was inaugurated, 55 percent of whites, as well as 75 percent of blacks, thought his presidency would improve race relations. 

[Source: How Race Relations Got Worse, by Steve Chapman]

After the inauguration, CNN reported, “Even in polls taken earlier this year, a majority of African-Americans said that a solution to the country’s racial problems would never be found. Now blacks and whites agree that racial tensions may end.” Could this be the end of “identity politics,” thought I hopefully. This would be very helpful for our “melting pot” as identity politics is extremely disruptive to this process in my opinion.

To say the least, the racial climate, that looked so promising in 2008, has measurably deteriorated. A recent New York Times/CBS News poll noted that 69 percent of Americans now describe race relations as bad — three times the figure in 2009. Three-quarters of blacks have a positive view of the Black Lives Matter movement, but only one-third of whites do.

As long as the Democrat Party and their minions, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, push identity politics, we may never see racial harmony in our nation. It is ever so sad that the “altruists” are the ones who constantly foment this tension. As noted by Mr. Chapman, “… having an African-American in the White House made race an inescapable part of discussions… When a black president laments racial injustice, it carries a sting that such comments lacked when delivered by a white one.

The day that race relations would heal seemed much closer before Obama became president. Who would have thought?

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3 Responses to Deterioration of US race relations: The statistics.

  1. Anne Malcolm says:

    Until a conservative Republican black president or vp is elected we will have no peace. Black Americans need to come back home to the Republican Party which is their historical and spiritual home and where they made the most gains toward complete equality. I knew Obama would not do anything for anybody because of his politics, his stated disdain for our “deeply flawed” Constitution and country. He enjoys upheaval which is the goal of Cloward-Piven in order to have the collapse of civil society and the opportunity for socialist/fascist revolution. Think I’m paranoid? He’s off playing golf while Milwaukee burns, quite pleased with himself.

  2. ONe of the best explanations I have seen is that The Big O is a puppet of George Soros who wants to bring down this nation as well as Western Civilization. He is having more success than any of us ever imagined. Still, widespread knowledge of Soros’ influence must be better understood. Sadly, Soros’ influence on the major media pushes that factor further into the future.

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