Chuckle. Chuckle.

These Dixon Diaz cartoons (see footnote) have been part of many email blasts, although I doubt that they went to Hillary’s private email server. Nonetheless, they are very funny and worth a second glance. And if they did happen to go to Hillary’s private email server, I’ll bet Putin got a good laugh from them also.

s8 s3 s2 s7

s1And thanks to BC for the current aliquot.

Roy Filly


Dixon Diaz wasn’t the original creator of those comic strips. Cartoonist Aaron McGruder created the comic, “The Boondocks.” A side-by-side comparison shows that Dixon Diaz, a blogger with the “right” take on politics, removed text from Aaron McGruder’s original comic strips and added his own clever messages to Hillary and friends. That’s likely why “with apologies to Aaron McGruder” appears in the top right corner of each comic strip. And, blah, blah, blah – I laugh heartily when I read them.


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