Trump versus… well, pretty much everyone!

I cast my first votes in the late 1960s. In that time-frame I have never seen an election like this one. Donald Trump is a candidate for the presidency that has nary an ally.

Of course, he is a Republican and, therefore, the “mainstream media” is solidly against him. Naturally the Democrat Party and their bought-and-paid-for allies (unions, “civil rights leaders,” the Hollywood crowd, every organization that benefits from “crony capitalism”) are solidly against him. European politicians are solidly against him.

However, unlike anything in the past, the party he represents is, if not solidly against him, then heavily against him. People like George Will have resigned from the Republican Party. Conservatives like Bill Kristol and politicians such as the Bush family and Mitt Romney are vehemently, ardently, passionately, and emphatically against him.

I keep trying too fathom what it is that “everyone else” finds so disturbing about the man. He was not my preferred candidate at the outset of the primaries, but I definitely believe him to be a far better choice than Hillary Clinton. To say that she is “ethically challenged” is an understatement befitting the most politic of individuals.

[Source: Trump Vs. The World, by Jeff Crouere]

Clinton rarely gives a press conference. Trump seems always to be available to the press – although in so doing he not infrequently makes a gaff.

Much has been said about “rigging” this election. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz clearly rigged the nomination process and thwarted the chances of insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders. As the WikiLeaks email disclosures proved, Clinton was guaranteed the nomination no matter how well Sanders did.

Trump also has claimed that the process was rigged, but, unlike for Clinton, it was rigged against him.

Clinton is given a steady stream of positive media coverage, while Trump is constantly savaged. The latest analysis from the Media Research Center shows the mainstream news media gave the Democratic National Convention more attention and much more positive coverage than the Republican National Convention.

While I would agree that it was unwise for Trump to even mention the Gold Star family in his comments the only “attack” from Trump was a question about whether Mrs. Khan, a Muslim, was allowed to speak at the convention. One would think he called them every vile name in the book when one reads the media coverage. It is common knowledge that women are treated as second class citizens in many Muslim nations, but this painful reality has been ignored by the media in their feeding frenzy to condemn Mr. Trump. It has also been ignored by Hillary. When did you hear speak out against the treatment of Muslim women? After all, isn’t she the candidate that “speaks for women?”

That President Obama had the nerve to make the accusation that Mr. Trump “doesn’t have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world,” is the most flagrant example of the “pot calling the kettle black” I have ever heard from the lips of a politician. Obama was elected after serving less than one term as U.S. Senator and had no experience on the world stage. Obama was a community organizer for years. Does he really believe that Americans are unaware of his deficiencies?

If Mr. Trump wins in November it will be one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of political contests. However, his political position still resonates with a majority of Americans: safety, jobs, law and order, secure borders and “America First.”

We will all need to await November 9, 2016.

Roy Filly

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One Response to Trump versus… well, pretty much everyone!

  1. Flayer says:

    I’m voting Trump. Remember that ANY Republican candidate would have been treated shabbily by the media. The difference is that the Dems want a gentlemanly, polite Republican who will play by the Marquise of Queensberry Rules while losing graciously to the folks who are playing by a totally different set of Rules, playing to win at all costs. Trump is making things difficult for them, calling the media on their perfidy.

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