Jay Leno saw the light and got it right.

The scuttlebutt is that Jay Leno’s insistent joking about Obama was very unpopular with our President. People in-the-know contend that the Obama White House put pressure on NBC executives to fire Leno. Apparently our fearless leader considered it a racist attack on him – what else, the last resort of any Democrat facing the truth, scream “Racism!”

I am aware that others say that Leno wasn’t targeted by the White House. I believe Obama to be a small-minded person who wouldn’t hesitate to use his power against an adversary – I mean adversaries other than Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea… etc. Did Comcast Corporation, which last year bought General Electric’s 49% stake in NBC decide Leno must go? After all, Comcast donated over $300,000 to Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. Hmm!

Leno alluded to being stabbed in the back by NBC when he told a joke about a man with a knife in his back for three years: “He must’ve worked at NBC, too,” quipped Leno. Leno has appeared in a few episodes of Last Man Standing, another TV program that takes a very dim and very funny view of Obama. Hmm!

If you missed Leno’s monologues here is a taste of some of the best Obama jokes (truths):

“I was going to start off tonight with an Obama joke, but I don’t want to get audited by the IRS.”
On NSA surveillance: “We wanted a president who listens to all Americans — now we have one.”
On a new IRS commissioner: “He’s called ‘acting commissioner’ because he has to act like the scandal doesn’t involve the White House.”
On closing the Guantanamo prison for terrorists: “If he really wants to close it, turn it into a government-funded solar power company.  The doors will be shut in a month.”
Concerning the Benghazi, Associated Press, and IRS scandals: “Remember in the old days when President Obama’s biggest embarrassment was Joe Biden?”
On saying he didn’t know about the IRS scandal: “He was too busy not knowing anything about Benghazi to not know anything about the IRS.”
“The White House has a new slogan about Benghazi:  Hope and change the subject.”
“It’s casual Friday, which means that at the White House, they’re casually going through everybody’s phone calls and records.” 

“It is not looking good for President Obama.  Today his teleprompter took the fifth.” 
“Fox News has changed its slogan from ‘Fair and Balanced’ to ‘See, I told you so!'”
On commencement address:  “He told the young graduates their future is bright unless, of course, they want jobs.”
On a Chicago man who set a record for riding a Ferris wheel:  “The only other way to go around and around in a circle that many times is to read the official report on Benghazi.”
On White House claims of ignorance on the scandals: “They took ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ out of the Pentagon and moved it into the White House.”
Now the last and I think best…..
“These White House scandals are not going away anytime soon.  It’s gotten so bad that people in Kenya are now saying he’s 100 percent American.”

And thanks to JP for sending these to me.

Roy Filly

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2 Responses to Jay Leno saw the light and got it right.

  1. That only sounds like a logical conclusion. There seems to be no end to which the present administration and its leader will go to suppress anything and anyone deemed to oppose their agenda and thinking.

  2. trailbee says:

    There are few choices for people like Jay Leno – either kill them, which isn’t very subtle, or fire them. Hillary’s list is still out there. Glad you found it and published it. Made my day, that, and had me smiling until bedtime. Jay Leno is lucky, so far.

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