It’s all about “The Money!”

Be advised. With few exceptions, and none since 1976, the candidate with the biggest war chest wins the election.


[Source: The Hillary Recession, by Larry Kudlow]

Hillary (and before her Bernie) rails against the Supreme Court decision in Citizen’s United. This Supreme Court decision, as I am certain my readers know, removed spending limits for political action committees (PACs), but also validated that unions had no spending limits. The Democrats do not complain about union political spending. Why is that, ask you? Because, answer I, unions are heavily pro-Democrat. You will note in the graph below that unions outspend non-union political contributors by a wide margin.

But note that the largest non-union contributor, by a leap and a bound, is ActBlue. ActBlue is a super-PAC that enables anyone to raise money on the Internet for the Democrat Party. They boast that they have raised $1.22 billion since 2004 according to their website (far more than the graph shows).


Calculating the impact of union “contributions” to political elections is difficult to say the least. They browbeat their members to vote Democrat. They mount massive “get out the vote” efforts for the Democrat Party. But even dollars – which they are required to disclose – have been difficult to trace.


Hillary – we all know she would never lie – wants to appoint Supreme Court justices who “will get money out of politics.” She states that she wants to pass “a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.”

And yet those detestable PACs have thus far benefited the Democrat Party and Hillary, by a triple leap and bound.  Pro-Hillary hedge-fund contributions now total $48.5 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has received only $19,000 from hedge funds.

Does Hillary think Republican voters are naive enough to believe that she will work to “overturn Citizen’s United?” Of course not! But she does believe that Democrat voters are naive enough to believe that she will work to “overturn Citizen’s United.”

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2 Responses to It’s all about “The Money!”

  1. It continues to astound me that the “emotional,” plus perks to be distributed, appeal in elections today more than rational consideration of the concepts and issues involved. Oh, the socialist success of reducing proper history in education by misinforming the last couple of generations, plus increased welfare recipients and immigrants, may outnumber those who understand and value the founding principles of this country. The prospects could be terribly grim.

  2. Bill Conklin says:

    +1, David.
    Let me add, it’s true that the teaching of history is “in the bucket.” But so is the teaching of pretty much everything else. One could speculate why this has occurred. One possibility is that a populace made ignorant will be docile and more easily controlled. Most teenagers NEVER read.
    Most have little curiosity. They don’t even teach cursive writing any more! And many millennials are a nightmare to hire and manage. I would say the prospects not only COULD be terribly grim,,they ARE terribly grim. — BC

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