Identity politics and ‘race baiting.’

I am continually surprised that the Democrat Party does not see the danger in “identity politics” and “race baiting.” I contend that responsibility for the violent street protests and officer assassinations lays at the feet of a Democrat Party that has spent the past 40 years telling Americans why they are DIFFERENT from one another.

If you are a woman, you need to be angry with men. If you are Black or Hispanic you need to be angry with whites. If you are poor you need to be angry with the rich. If you are gay or lesbian you need to be angry with everyone else, as long as they are a Republican – apparently there is not a single “homophobe” in the Democrat Party. When one is both “angry” and “feeble-minded” it eventually leads to violence – or, at a minimum, ill will among fellow Americans.

If we take racial discrimination as an example, we have an opportunity to see the false narrative spawned by progressive/statist/altruists. I am not saying that there is no racial discrimination in our country – or, as a corollary, that slavery didn’t have consequences. The question is what are the effects that can be measured in today’s American society that can be attributed to racial discrimination or the aftermath of slavery.

Members of every nation have been enslaved. The only issue is how long ago. The word “slave” actually originates from the word “Slav.” The Slavs were the most enslaved group of humans in the history of the world. Does the Democrat Party try to pit Slavic Americans against black Americans with a narrative that says “they have been discriminated against more so than you.” No. Why? No votes to be gotten there.

We need a few facts.

[Source: What Can Discrimination Explain? By Walter E Williams] I used other sources, as well.


  1. Approximately 500,000 Africans were transported to the United States as slaves. Currently, around 38 and half million black people live in the US. It is estimated that by 2060, black population in the US will reach 74.5 million. Only one non-African nation, Brazil, has more black people than the USA. Of 41 African nations, only six have a larger black population than the United States. American blacks are more numerous than the populations of Uganda, Sudan, Ghana, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Angola, Cameroon, Niger, Mali, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Chad, Guinea, Rwanda, South Sudan, Benin, Somalia, Burundi, Togo, Sierra Leone, the Central African Republic and the list goes on.
  2. If black America were a country, it would be the 15th wealthiest country in the world (out of 196 countries). Yes, there is a “wealth gap” between white and black Americans. But our nation has not been “all bad” for black Americans. The nation where blacks are the richest is Bermuda, where they also came as slaves and indentured servants. A narrative that “slavery held them back” is demeaning to blacks and denies their great efforts to succeed as “rugged individualists.”
  3. The average black American employed in a full-time job earns $32, 021 per year. Compared to black African nations in western Africa where any racial inequality would befall non-blacks we can look at the eight countries in the region that are members of the West Africa Economy and Monetary Union (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo). These nations share a common currency, a common central bank, a development bank, a regional stock exchange and a common banking regulator. The average yearly income in West Africa is $309. This compares with an average yearly income in Sub-Saharan Africa of $470. Thus, a black American earns more than 100 times that of a black West African.
  4. Analyzed data from the U.S. National Vital Statistics System, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that the life expectancy at birth for non-Hispanic black men has risen from 68.8 to 70.8 years and for non-Hispanic white men rose from 75.3 to 76.2 years. These new statistics lowered the differences in the average lifespans for the groups from 6.5 years to 5.4 years. Thus, black Americans are advancing more rapidly than white Americans in longevity. By contrast, the life expectancy for blacks in Africa is lower in every nation than for black Americans and as low as 46.5 years in Sierra Leone.

Another perspective is “what has a progressive/statist/altruist agenda” done for black Americans? It is a legitimate estimate to date the federal governments’ efforts to help “even the playing field for blacks” to the late 1960s – the beginning of the “War on Poverty” and “The Great Society” of President Johnson.


  1. From the late 1940s to the mid-1950s, black youth unemployment was slightly less than or equal to white youth unemployment. Today black youth unemployment is at least double that of white youth unemployment.
  2. During the 1940s, the illegitimacy rate among blacks was around 15 percent. Today’s black illegitimacy rate is about 73 percent.
  3. In the same period, about 80 percent of black children were born inside marriage. In fact, historian Herbert Gutman, in an article titled “Persistent Myths about the Afro-American Family” in the Journal of Interdisciplinary History (Autumn 1975), reported the percentage of black two-parent families, depending on the city, ranged from 75 to 90 percent. Today only a little over 30 percent of black children are raised in two-parent households. [Directly from Professor Williams article.]
  4. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, sometimes referred to as The Nation’s Report Card, nationally, the average black 12th-grader’s test scores are either basic or below basic in reading, writing, math and science. “Below basic” is the score received when a student is unable to demonstrate even partial mastery of knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at his grade level. [Directly from Professor Williams article.]
  5. While these statistics bode poorly for the current generation of black American youth, some 46 million African children — nearly half the school-age population — have never set foot in a classroom, according to the United Nations.
  6. The cities where black academic achievement is the lowest are the very cities where Democrats have been in charge for decades and where blacks have been mayors, city councilors, superintendents, school principals and teachers. Plus, these cities have large educational budgets. [Directly from Professor Williams article.]

So one must ask, are the results above those that emanate from racial discrimination? One would be hard pressed to blame racial discrimination for the above facts. To my way of thinking it is easier to blame “altruism.” As well, and as noted, it demeans the hard efforts of innumerable black Americans to become successful.

I do not say this to brag, but if a resident in Radiology is my student they are at the pinnacle of academic achievement. Radiology residencies are among the most sought after. The University of California, San Francisco Radiology Residency is number one in the nation. So when I look at my black students, I can say with certainty – they got there by extraordinary hard work. Portraying them as victims that need help from white people is demeaning – and flagrantly WRONG. Indeed, if one is interested in “diversity,” then TAKE A PICTURE OF MY STUDENTS.

My friends, the policies of progressive/statist/altruists are anathema to black Americans. Why they continue to vote for programs that are a bane to their progress eludes me.

Roy Filly



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8 Responses to Identity politics and ‘race baiting.’

  1. Oh, the Democraps know and “see the danger in ‘identity politics’ and ‘race baiting.'” They do it nonetheless to keep black families dependent upon government to garner votes and to keep themselves in power. I admit, it is difficult to stand by and observe the disingenuousness of the socialists’ success in that activity.

    You wrote a great and eye-opening portrayal of facts.

  2. Oh the Democraps know know and “see the danger in ‘identity politics’ and ‘race baiting.’” Nonetheless they continue to keep the black families dependent upon government in order to garner their votes and keep the liberal D.s in power. I admit, it is difficult to stand by and observe the success of the “progressive” dissemination of false information and the ever-increasing welfare handouts.

    You wrote a good and informative account of facts.

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