Obama and race relations.

Of all the unfathomable things about the Obama “administration” is that race relations have deteriorated AFTER America elected a black President. He will be able to claim “I ‘ended’ (Ha. Ha.) the Iraq War and started the Race War.”

That Obama wanted black Americans dependent on the Democrat Party is understandable. The Democrat Party could not win a national election without the black vote. Roughly one-fourth of Democratic voters are black and in some states the majority of all Democrats are black. What is not understandable is why he needed foment bitterness and animus between white and black Americans; bitterness that literally has led to armed conflict.

[Source: Why Race Relations Have Gotten Worse Under Barack Obama, by John C. Goodman]

While I am confident that you will agree that the black American vote is critical to the Democrat Party you will be flummoxed by the fact (from the Goodman article) less than half of black voters actually agree with the Democratic Party’s view of government, and among those who do agree a great many are routinely mistreated by the very politicians they vote for; therefore, the only practical way to ensure that the vast majority of black voters reliably and enthusiastically turn out for the Democrats is to avoid debating real issues and focus instead on racial politics.

Ninety percent of African-Americans identify as Democrats and 55% strongly so, compared to 39% and 11% of Whites. Yet, when authors Hutchins and Jefferson looked at a 7-point measure of ideology, only 47% of Blacks identify as liberal while 45% identify as conservative in the United States. But voting for the Democrat Party has not worked out well for African-Americans. (From the Goodman article) In our central cities, many black parents send their children to the worst schools, they receive the worst city services and they are exposed to the nation’s worst environmental hazards (think Flint, Michigan). In almost all cases, these cities are run by Democrats. In a previous post, I reported on the remarkable history of my home town Waco, Texas. During the years of segregation and Jim Crow laws, black voters consistently voted for the very Democrats who enforced those awful practices.

The Democrat Party retains the loyalty of their voters via identity politics. One votes “Democrat” because they are “Black,” because they are a “Woman,” because they are a “Union Member,” because they are “Poor,” etc. They do not do so because of policy. Identity politics is the politics of division and it is dangerous. It is the politics of pitting one group against another. All too often it is the politics of hate. The “reward” for this long employed methodology by the Democrats and, in particular, President Obama, is now coming to the fore – need I mention New York, Dallas and Baton Rouge.

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