Illegal aliens and Hillary.

Hillary Clinton gave her all-important speech on the economy on 6-21-16. I thought some analysis was in order. I have always found that data trumps rhetoric – no pun intended re: Donald “Trump.”

She said, “All ‘Undocumented Workers’ that Trump wants to deport have jobs.” The implication, however, from the left is that the “jobs” are those that “documented” workers (i.e., legal US citizens) would not take. What are those jobs, ask you? Well, presumably she means working in a fast-food restaurant (“burger-flipping”), “maid service” at motels and hotels, “landscape maintenance,” “crop-harvesting”, busing tables after diners finish eating, etc. You know the drill.

First, let’s get the nomenclature correct. The “undocumented workers” are “illegal aliens” living in the United States in opposition to the law. There are supposed to be “11 million” such “undocumented people.” That number is almost certainly a significant underestimate.

How many “undocumented workers” are actually working at US jobs, ask you? Well, the Pew Research Center estimates there were 8.1 million “unauthorized immigrants” working in 2012. In 2012 there were 155 million persons in the US that held full or part-time jobs. So illegals are fully 5% of our workforce.

So let’s give just a quick thought to her statement. California is home to the most “undocumented workers” – nearly 2.5 million of them (lucky me – I’m a resident). California’s unemployment rate is 5.2%.

Let me ask you a question for a change. Have you ever been to Maine? North Dakota? South Dakota? Vermont (If you haven’t you should go – one of the best kept secrets in the USA)? No. Well I have. I stayed in hotels, visited restaurants (both fast food and others), took cabs, and basically availed myself of many services provided by the lowest end of the paid workforce. Guess what? I hardly ever saw anyone who I would have guessed was “an illegal alien.”

Mirabili dictu! It seems that “the ‘jobs’ that ‘documented’ workers (i.e., legal US citizens) would not take” were taken! Six states — Maine (3.5% unemployment rate), Montana (4.2% unemployment rate), North Dakota (3.2% unemployment rate), South Dakota (2.5% unemployment rate), Vermont (3.1% unemployment rate) and West Virginia (6.2% unemployment rate – more in a moment) — have fewer than 5,000 undocumented immigrants. How do you get a Big Mac in those states? The motel rooms must be filthy! Yuk – no one clears the table in preparation for your dessert! The lawns are un-mowed! And all that wheat and corn un-harvested! Who taps all that delicious maple syrup (Vermont’s chief agricultural product) from those maple tress? And unless we allow more “illegals” into Maine, you can forget eating lobster tails the next time you splurge at a restaurant!

The only state among these with a higher unemployment rate than California is West Virginia. However, if you followed Mrs. Clinton’s campaign you know that her Party is at fault for that! And Hillary’s further plan if elected:“We’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies outta business.” Lucky West Virginia!

She went on to say, “A younger labor force is necessary for a vibrant economy,” meaning, what? The reference is to the fact that “illegals” are more fecund than “legal” US citizens! Why didn’t some young female American citizen slap her in the face for that mindless and derogatory comment!

While it is true that legal US citizens are having fewer children there are well over 30 million young LEGAL Americans between the ages of 18 to 24 years. And, by the by, for those young Americans, when you go to vote on November 16 remember: HILLARY DOESN”T THINK YOU ARE ‘VIBRANT’ ENOUGH!

The most loyal voting group for Hillary will be African Americans. According to Hillary’s rival, Bernie Sanders, “African-American kids are unemployed or underemployed to the tune of 51 percent.” Maybe they would be willing to take some of “the ‘jobs’ that ‘documented’ workers (i.e., legal US citizens) would not take!” Perhaps young Blacks and their parents should think about that the next time they enter a voting booth.

My friends, the Democrat candidate not only does not have “a solution,” her logic in defining the problem is illusive, at best, and insulting, at worst!

Riy Filly





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